Diamond-shaped UFO over Hanover, Massachusetts

On December 30, 2017, an automobilist was driving in a street of Hanover, Massachusetts, when a floating black diamond shape is appeared in the sky. He spotted two times half hour apart.

Witness report:

Over Washington street, Hanover, Ma. We first seen it when we were driving in car south near Shaws Market @ 4-4:15-ish. My daughter Sydney pointed it out saying "it looks like someone lost a bunch of balloons" Then after a half hour later 4;45 we were coming back north near East Street and she said it was still there. I pulled into the Auto Mall across from Western Auto's We got out and we watched it for about ten minutes. It seemed to be a Diamond shape, black and stayed in the same place 500 to 1000 feet above us for 5 minutes and then slowly rose upward to the East till I lost track of it. It was snowing lightly and it wasn't making any sound, so I don't think it was a drone. It did appear to be rotating slowly and we both thought we saw a thin line below it like a string, but if it was Balloons it would have drifted away faster and it certainly wouldn't have been in the same area for a half hour.