Brown cigar-shaped UFO going in and out of giant cloud

On July 16, 2009, a brown cigar-shaped UFO is appeared over a giand cloud over Sauk Village, Illinois.

Witness statement:

The weather was starting to change with large puffy clouds. I went to my car to get my camera. I noticed the front of these clouds looked like a face of a man and these objects were going in out what would be the mouth fast and looping around quickly to enter and exit. There were other craft flying in and out of the cloud cover as well. I say craft now because at first I was confused about what they were. I knew they were too large to be birds that far away and nothing I had ever seen maneuvered like them. I uploaded them to my computer to see what they really were. I had used my telescopic lens but these pictures were the best I could come up with. I shared them on the net with friends and my Apple computer crashed, I was unable to get the raw pics back but I had saved some copies on another drive of when I enlarged them and tried to use contrast to see them better. I contacted my friend who was an Army Ranger who was there with me and he said 2009 would have been correct. The earliest files I found were Thurs July 16 2009. When my Apple crashed the pictures I shared on the internet were gone as well. Good thing I have these saved.

I just felt they were part of our crafts showing off but I would like to know what you all think of them.