Bright UFO over Peć, Kosovo

On January 12, 2018, a bright UFO is appeared over Peć, a city located in Kosovo. A witness caught some pictures and one video.

Witness statement:

Firstly i'm passionate about astronomy universe and all those things so I was going out at 12 pm and i looked up and i saw lights coming like from below somewhere but it was far from me , and they just come up like straight and took it the right direction like 7 or 8 of them , and I immediately took the phone and i made pictures and 1 video but it needs to zoom out to see the pictures also i made pictures with red circle to be more easy to notice where they are, how i lost sight, they come up from below and took the right direction just going up and disappeared in clouds also one friend of mine said that he saw in that direction before 5 or six months, so when I saw I was surprised and I wanted to happened something like this and to make a picture and show to the people because most of them say no it was't just it seems to you maybe was something else but it isn't the first time that I saw , I have saw several times also in the mountain it appeared like a light and after 10 sec it disappeared, this description was what i saw.