Boomerang-shaped UFO over Springfield on January 2018

On January 9, 2018, an automobilist was driving on a road in Springfield, Ohio. Suddenly, a boomerang-shaped UFO is appeared in the sky…

Eyewitness statement:

Driving east on I70 in ohio, at aproximately 6:30pm, mile marker 47.5 saw large boomerang shaped plane looking thing, the rest of traffic must have also noticed as everyone was drifting lanes staring at object. at first i thought it mustve been a very large/tall street light, but as I got closer i noticed it was not on a pole and was much farther into the air and was above a dark field no where near any street did not think to take pictures, just kept going, it was hovering over there with the white lights towards the front of the boomerang and as i continued on before getting up to where the thing was, it started slowly moving southbound still facing its white lights dead to the west, it was like it was on ice slowly sliding sideways, did not turn or lean when it moved and made no sound as i approached the section of the highway nearest it, it was still moving southbound, but then white lights still facing west, started moving quickly, at what looked like east/south east without turning the light side in that direction, i looked up and back to see if i could see it and all i saw were small red lights facing the eastern direction as if it was still facing west and was moving around without turning to face its direction of motion. on the front of it you could see small vertical lines of different color than the body of the object, but i couldnt tell it those were outlines of windows or not. nothing else could be seen on that sode other than the shape/lights/lines and on the back/inner side of the boomerang you only saw small dim red lights, nothing comparible in brightness to the bright white front lights. i only noticed the object because i was looking for a sign for a gas station/truck stop that usually tower near exits. i felt like it may have been a plane at first landing directly towards me, but once it slid sideways and stated moving backwards i knew there was no way it was a plane, i lost sight of it as i kept driving and did not stop, i dont know if the object stayed in the area and its movements were pretty slow, i thought it might've even been a helicopter, but then i realized, if it was a helicopter the 3 vertical lights would have tilted/raised and lowered to be able to move around in the air, and this object remained flat and facing west the entire time it was moving. I didnt think to take any pictures, and my dash camera is not installed in my current vehicle as i've just switched vehicles I'll do my best to make a sketch and hopefully one of the other motorists on the road thought to take pictures or video.