Black unidentified orb snapped over Marshall, NC

On January 1st, 2018, a person living in Marshall, North Carolina, was in home. When he looked through the window, he noticed a black orb like UFO in the blue sky…

Eyewitness statement:

I was hanging out in my room bored, and looked out of my window for a short while and noticed out of the corner of my eye a black/dark grey orb hovering above the field next to my house. I walked around my room with my hands on my head thinking about what's going on and thinking what I should do next. I got a sudden very tingly feeling all throughout my body(mainly in my head) and ran to my window to see if it were still there. Unfortunately, it was not. But the tingly feeling inside of my body felt like it/they were trying to say goodbye. I was not harmed in any way shape or form. But I did actually feel very happy as if I were having an adrenaline rush for about 10 minutes after the insadent.