Black flying saucer over a mountain in West Virginia

On July 8, 2007, a witness was out hiking in mountains in West Virginia when he noticed a black flying saucer in the sky…

Witness report:

I was out hiking about half a mile from my house when i noticed the object hovering over the Devils Darning Needle a small mountain in ireland wv.
It was hovering then moved left then right and hovered over the mountain then moved straight up and disappeared into the actually looked like your typical saucer shaped craft..I had my camera with me because i was photographing the scenery and deer..i managed to get one photo with my 3.2mp kodak camera..i was not alarmed or frightened in any way until i downloaded the photo and realized it was a ufo and then i almost wet my was kind of scary after the this day i have no idea what i saw..i have been a mufon member for 2 months..i still have the photo and will gladly share with any investigator. To get a good view of photo you will have to zoom in on it.