Black flying saucer over Charleston on August 2012

On August 12, 2011, a black flying saucer was snapped over Charleston, South Carolina. This possible UFO was not visible to the naked eye.

Witness statement:

We were on the beach, i was taking pictures of my grandson, i didn't see it when taking the picture, until i checked it to see if it came out, that's when i noticed the object beside his head. when i looked up it was gone. it was a weird shape sorta saucer like with ball in the front, it was grayish silver, it was really low . no noise nothing. it wasn't a kite it was too high and no one was flying one, wasn't many on the beach. i kept telling my daughter " ,did you see that? i showed her the picture i took, it made her nervous and myself. we didn't leave because it was gone. i kept looking up the rest of the day but it didn't return. i have 2 pictures, one is a close up, and the other is about a few feet from my grandson, sorry, he spilt cool ade on it lol, its kinda reddish but you can see the object.