Alien UFO over Tehran on October 2015

On October 9, 2015, after dark, a weird alien object was seen over Tehran, the capital of Iran. What is it?

Witness report:

About 23:30 we arrived home and as usual I looked at the sky to just watch constellations that I can recognise, then instantly I saw several flashing starlike dots aligned in an exact line and I knew there is no such constellation. I looked more carefully and I saw a non glowing object at the beginning of the alignment line which looked like a jet or airplane. I counted the flashing dots following the jet-like object and they were 11. flashing most of them with blueish light and one of them flashing red light. their movement along the jet-like object was like a kite; floating together like they have string attached to them. I grabbed my camera and tried to capture them. When you zoom in the jet like object it is actually two triangles forming a lung shape. It looked so much like military UAVs but in an alien way. But the 11 flashing objects are not clear enough to see what they are. In one of the best pictures I could only see that one of them is a rectangular shaped red-green flashing thing.