A ghost appeared inside his car while he was driving

A Reddit user's told a creepy story. While he was driving on a road, a ghost is appeared inside his car…

Witness statement:

"My uncle died and I inherited his car. It was this blue olds and it ran pretty well so I was really happy to get it. At the time I went to college three hours from my home town so on weekends I would drive home and then drive back late Sunday night to make class in the morning.

"One night I'm driving home and a car approaches behind me with their brights on. I look in the rear view mirror to see if they are trying to pass and I see someone sitting in my back seat. I didn't turn my head and I kept driving, panicking the entire time.

"When I get to the next town about 15 minutes later, I pull into the first brightly lit gas station I see and pretend to be getting gas to see who is in my back seat and get help if necessary. But when I look back there, I don't see anyone. I looked under the car, in the trunk, on the floor, nothing. I know I saw someone back there. I continued to see them all the way to the gas station. But they disappeared.

"Fast forward a couple weeks, my roommate comes running in my room, asking who the guy in my car is. It's broad daylight and apparently he's back. I run out to see who it is, gone again. After a couple more weeks it stopped. Our best guess is that it's my uncle but we don't really know."

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