A Bigfoot observed in Shawnee National Forest in 2015

On November 21, 2015, at 10 PM, a witness living in Shawnee National Forest, Union County, Illinois, has seen a Bigfoot behind his house.

This weird humanoid was 6 1/2 foot tall and was reddish brown in color. He had a muscular build, “similar to a tight end football player”. The witness described the animal's face as being bare, leathery, with a flat wide pug nose and thick lips.

Witness statement:

My pitbull was barking in terror. I went out to check on him and shone my light just on the other side of the fence I put up around the orchard and he was standing there clear as day staring at the dog and me . Twenty yards away. Flat face. Reddish brown fur. Eyes looked orange in the light. He disappeared into the woods. I've seen him many times. I live surrounded by the national forest.

Photo: Scenic View in Shawnee National Forest, bDjngsf Own workCC BY-SA 4.0Link