2 UFOs spotted since Tandragee, Northern Ireland

On April 17, 2017, a person living in Tandragee, Northern Ireland, was going out to the garage when he noticed two UFO in sight.

Witness report:

I was going out to the garage to sort out my laundry when I seen one very bright sphere in the sky just above the local milking parlour, so I stood and looked for a while, then maybe a minute later another one appeared to the right of it, at that a ran and got my 19 yr old daughter and partner, when they come a 3rd one appeared again to the right of the first 2, so I got my phone to take pictures and a video, as quickly as it came the 3rd disappeared, I took a video but it didn't puck them up, unfortunately I flippin deleted it but I took a photo, then about 5 minutes later the second dissapeared then the first, just like turning a light off in the house. If it was clouds covering them the first one on the left would have went out first, but it was a clear evening with no clouds that I could see. I was disappointed when I reviewed the picture I thought the camera didn't pick them up but as I zoomed in the 2 white spheres appeared. I am watching nasa's unexplained files and seen a few guests had mufcon after their name, so looked it up and seen report a sighting so that's what I'm doing lol could be nothing but thought I'd let the experts have a look. The first picture is the original the second is a saved zoomed in copy.