Black flying saucer over Managua, on February 2010

On February 13, 2010, a witness was in a hotel in Managua, Nicaragua. He caught a picture. Later, he noticed a black flying saucer on it.

Witness report:

As I went to breakfast on the hotel patio on 2/13/10, I was taking pictures of the hotel and landscaping. Before eating breakfast, I took the attached picture of the flowers that grew along the patio wall. It wasn't until I was showing the pictures to a friend of mine, much later, when he asked about the odd image in the upper left of the photograph.

I hadn't even noticed it up until that point. Now we both were curious, so he cropped and zoomed the image ( pics attached ).

As you can see, its a photo of a UFO. Notice the shape, the dome and the aura of distortion under the craft.

EXACTLY like the craft Bob Lazar claimed to have observed.

***These images have not been altered or photo shopped in ANY way. they have only been cropped and zoomed for better detail

Source, 22th March 2018

Glowing green ball-shaped UFO spotted in California

On August 13, 2012, an automobilist was driving on a road in California, when he noticed a bright green glowing ball in clear blue sky. UFO was moving fast in different directions.

Eyewitness statement:

Driving North in Sacramento in South Natomas area in the afternoon on a clear day, I see a very bright glowing green sphere in the sky far away moving fast in all different directions. I was driving and there were trees in the way so I didn't get to see where it went or how it left it was just moving around the whole northeast sky very fast and making sharp turns.

Source, 22th March 2018

Black UFO near a power station in Graz, Austria

On February 21, 2018, a black UFO showed up in the sky near a power station over Graz, the second-largest city in Austria.

Witness statement:

I was watching out my eastside window .There this object hoovering above the hills. Near a power station. I took a image. I could see cleary on its right side windows. I was stunned. I couldn't believe it. You can clearly see the terminator of light and shadow. The shadow was on the right side of this hoovering object.The light side on the left.There where the windows were.My thoughts turned around. And i thought ,how long did they hoovering there? Do they observing me? Was i too ,been abducted? Without Knowledge? Or to reminding it? Anyway the image speaks for itself. I guess. Thanks. Mike.

Source, 21th March 2018

Stephen Hawking murdered due to his aliens revelations?

Conspiracy theorists claim that the british physicist Stephen Hawking was killed. In fact, this scientist revealed secrets about the existence of aliens

Ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

Was Stephen Hawking murdered to stop him from revealing top secret information about the existence of aliens? People have been killed for much less, and its easy for someone to be killed an make it look of natural causes. However, in his case, he really did look exhausted in the last few months of his life. It was clear his ailments were taking a huge toll on him. You decide, tell us in the comments below please.

UFOMania of Youtube states:

A stunning new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) circulating in the Kremlin today claims it is “more than likely” that world renowned British Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking was murdered as his 14 March death came just 10 days after his 4 March revision to his scientific research paper titled “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation?”

Source, 21th March 2018

UFOs spotted over Coldwater, Michigan, on February 2018

On February 26, 2018, an automobilist was driving on a road in Coldwater, Michigan, when he spotted four weird lights in the night sky. Three of them were in a triangular shape…

Witness report:

Sighting 1 - @~6:15 am on 2.26.18 i was heading east on Garfield rd. heading to work. i glanced to the south and my eyes were drawn to the moving lights. I pulled over, at roughly 491 w Garfield ave. coldwater MI 49036, fumbled my phone around and managed to snap 1 clear photo. I saw 4 lights in total and the photo captured 3 of them in formation and the fourth was out of frame on the lower left.

Sighting #2 to follow.

Source, 20th March 2018

Two orange glowing UFO over Sedona on March 17, 2018

On March 17, 2018, a vacationer was visiting Sedona, Arizona and took some pictures. On both images, he noticed two orange bright UFO

Witness statement:

While visiting Sedona,AZ over the St. Patrick's day holiday weekend I took some pictures of the surrounding mountains. Later after looking at the pictures I found these 2 photos that have 2 strange lights(star burst) on them. Thought I would share maybe someone else captured these also. The photos are taken with my phone, outside behind the Sinagua Plaza(320 AZ-89A)on the second floor. They were take on March 17, 2018 at 11:57am and 11:58am. Let me know what you think.

Source, 20th March 2018

Unbelievable triangular UFO caught over Texas

On March 18, 2018, an airplane passenger takes pictures of impressive triangular-shaped UFO somewhere in the sky over Texas.

Witness report:

Shortly after taking off on Spirit airlines from Dallas Fort Worth Texas around 6:30 am on 3/18/18, I was taking photos of the sunrise. There was a little dot that I was attracted to but to me it seemed to be one of the city lights. I kept snapping photos to get the sunrise and the city lights. I took 12 photos total. When I got home and reviewed the photos I saw the last three had a glowing green triangle.

Source, 19th March 2018

Possible alien abduction in Clifton, New Jersey

On March 1st, 1980, a mother and his child were inside their car on a road in Clifton, New Jersey. After watching a metallic flying saucer, they have abducted by aliens

Witness statement:

Me and my mom were leaving the store Bradlees, it closed at 9 pm so I know it was 9 pm that this happen. It was when I was almost 11 years old about 2 weeks betore my birthday which is march 13 so this happen approximately on March 1,1980. My mom and me were in the car and we were waiting for traffic at the stop sign and in front of us we noticed a plane probably a 747 and hovering above it very close was a circular silver UFO with windows around it flashing red blue and white lights. It quickly went in front of the plane and you could clearly see all the details of it with the planes lights shining directly on it. My mom told me it was tellipathically communicating with her and telling her it wanted to land. I went in the back of the car from the front seat to look out the back window and realized it was actually following us. I don’t remember being scared but definitely concerned that is was communicating with my mother but seeing what I seen, it was probably too much for me to process at my age. We only lived 10 minutes away and we got home at 12:30 pm at night so this always bothered me. I have no memory of those 3 1/2 hours. The next thing I remembered was we were in the opposite direction that my mother turned in a park in Nutley New Jersey and the UFO was above us and we were on foot in the park and my moms car was running far away. I remember being excited and calling out to someone going in their house to look up at the sky but he probably thought we were crazy. I always felt we were abducted because of the memory lose and my mother did call Clifton police when we got home and they said that hundreds of calls were coming in from a UFO siting that night. My mother never talked about it again I think she might remember more than me. I do remember when we were in the park it was directly hovering over us and there was no noise and when it took off it was faster than anything I’ve ever seen in my life.

Source, 19th March 2018

Weird flying creature over Numazu, Japan

On March 12, 2018, a strange flying creature was caught over Numazu, Japan. It looks like a ray or even a dragon.

Bright cigar-shaped UFO over Milton, Ontario

On March 17, 2018, a witness caught a picture of glowing UFO with 7 dots. This object was moving in a line over Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Witness report:

Did I just click a UFO ? First image at 9:08:09pm and the second at 9:08:21pm. I saw these 7 dots of light trails in a line, moving as you can see in the images. Can anybody explain what these are please! Canon 6D + Tamron 15-30mm lens. Exposure 8 sec, f/2.8.

Source, 18th March 2018

Black triangular UFO over Corpus Christi on April 1977

On April 8, 1977, a witness was going camping in Corpus Christi, Texas. From this point, he saw a black triangular-shaped UFO

Eyewitness statement:

Siting took place during a childhood camping trip along the national seashore on Padre Island near Corpus Christi, TX in 1977. We were sleeping in our RV on the beach and I woke up because I was hot. When I went to open the roof vent more, I remember seeing this large triangular-shaped craft silently moving in a NE direction over our RV. I distinctly remember seeing an exhaust plume that was multi-colored and lights on each of the three corners. I believe one was orange and the other two corners had Blue-white colored lights.

Source, 18th March 2018

A strange creature discovered in Brazil in 2018

In 2018, somewhere in Brazil, people discovered the corpse of a strange animal. Is it a mutant creature? A chupacabra? An alien?

Glowing UFO comes out of side of Colima volcano

On March 12, 2018, a yellow cigar-shaped UFO was videotaped by a live cam over Colima Volcano, Mexico.

Scott C. Waring, from Taiwan, claims:

I have been watching Colima live cam for over 5 years and have recorded over 40 UFOs myself, but this one really takes the cake. Youtube user Tenshi Mex saw and recorded this UFO.

The UFO appears from below the ground through a hidden passage in the lower center of the volcano. The UFO hovers for a little bit as it exits the side of the volcano, then gets its engines or what ever propulsion set up and prepared, making a hard 180 degree turn flying over and past the mouth of the volcano!

This is hard evidence and needs to be acnowledged by the governments of the world. Colima is clearly a UFO hotspot with an alien base 4-5km below its surface. How do I know? I have said that for over 5 years! This UFO came from within the volcano, the evidence is undeniable.

Source, 17th March 2018

Angelic winged Sun seen during sunset in Florida

On March 2018, something looking like a giant pair of angelic wings is appeared over Jacksonville, Florida.

Scott C. Waring, ufologist, explains:

This inspirational look at a pair of angelic wings seen during a sunset in Florida last week was reported by MRMBB333 of Youtube. Science has never been able to fully explain the phenomenon caused by the sun, like rings and wings, but they seem to be messages from angelic beings. There is however a legend of a planet that comes around every 10,000-20,000 years that is a winged planet...this could be a sign that is nearing, for us to prepare for Nibiru.

Many comments below the video state similar thoughts.

1. Sign of the times. Great pic!

2. The angel wing phenomenon would not be possible unless there was a very large round object behind the sun.

3. Angel wings at Angel point . Wow !! That is Awesome. Nothing is a Coincidence with Our Heavenly Father. He is Amazing.

4. Nibiru - The Winged Planet !!!

Source, 17th March 2018

Black square-shaped UFO over Ocala, Florida

On March 16, 2018, a weird square-shaped UFO about half the size of a 1300 square foot house is appeared in the sky over Ocala, Florida. It was flying not slow.

Witness report:

While working, spotted square object about half the size of a 1300 square foot house about a mile away. Flying not slow, not fast. Made 90 degree directional turn. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing that I asked 2 old ladies in the neighborhood if they could actually see what I was seeing just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. They looked at said they couldn’t believe it either and said they were going him to go look on the internet to see if anyone had posted anything about it. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Source, 16th March 2018

Weird pulsing UFO over London, Ontario

On March 16, 2018, a witness was looking to the sky when he saw a bright UFO stationary plusing white, orange-red and green.

Eyewitness statement:

I live on the 5th floor of an apt. building which is on a high hill. I stepped outside onto my balcony around 7 p.m. and first noticed the sky was clear and blue but noticed an odd looking cloud shelf low in the horizon going left to right and I noticed a boom-arang shaped "cloud" just above the cloud shelf - I looked at it through the binoculars and it seemed to be made up of tiny horizontal dashes - not normal cloud material. It didn't move throughout this sighting. Then I began noticing pitch black "worm-like" lines - some coming up from this cloud shelf then more descending from the middle of the blue sky (it's getting dusk at this point) then I began seeing more worm-like black lines starting at the top of the cloud shelf and going up and to the left as if drawing lines in the sky. I've never seen anything like this in my life (I'm 58). Then I called my sister and while I had her on the phone describing these bizarre black lines in the sky suddenly to the west what looked like a very bright star just appeared (clear sky) and it was pulsing white, red/orange and green and getting brighter then 4 more smaller orange/red pulsing lights appeared at the same time around this larger pulsing thing. Then suddenly all 5 objects disappeared - went dark. They didn't move around at all while they were visible. It's now night time - dark out and I haven't seen anything else unusual. This is crazy. I took the pictures attached but they're hard to see - I was shaking watching these black worm things in the sky so the pictures are blurry and not all worm like things showed up. I think the picture with the vertical red lights are from a tv tower. You can barely make out the black worm things and I didn't capture the pulsing star-like objects - it was too dark outside at that point. I only got pictures of the boomarang cloud and black worm things.

Source, 16th March 2018

Weird yellow UFO appeared over Potter Valley, California

On March 13, 2018, a yellow UFO is appeared over Potter Valley, California. It was following chemtrail…

Witness report:

Ok i was working in the hills in Mendo County cleaning up fire debris when working out doors i look up when i see chemtrail planes go over head.Well this time it had a yellow object following trailing with it then the object goes left right down then rigth under the plane,3 seconds later it flashed and it was GONE,very to be triped me out all day.

Source, 15th March 2018

Glowing UFO spotted over Maple Ridge, British Columbia

On March 10, 2018, early in the morning, a witness was smoking a cigarette in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, when he saw a bright light flying in the sky.

Witness statement:

It was early Saturday morning around 5:40am in maple ridge, B.C. I went out to my back porch to have a cigarette. I looked over towards the mountains and saw this bright white light flying towards me from the west. So I watched it for a few seconds and realized that this was the same light I saw the night before around 10pm. So I ran down stairs and got my camera and took ten pics as it flew over my street and the neighbors house. The reason I saw this the night previous was I was out smoking a cigarette again. Lol I just happened to be counting all the air planes that I could see in the sky, there was six to seven and then I saw this light to the west. Flying north from the south and then it just blinked out. So when I saw it in the morning I was not going to miss getting these pics so I could zoom in and see what I was. It was also not making any noise. I see Planes and helicopters all the time as I live in a big city. My feelings towards this object are that this was flying vary smooth and did not make one noise and to me that is not a conventional aircraft. So here I am writing this so all can see what is flying around are sky's.

Source, 15th March 2018

Weird orb shot over Pipe Creek on March 2017

On March 13, 2017, after looking a funny cloud in sky, a witness caught a picture of a mysterious orb in the sky over Pipe Creek, Lake Hills, Texas.

Witness report:

I was driving home a saw a rainbow hue in the sky I was driving facing the sun.I took off my sunglasses and could not see itso I thought I'd snap a shot of the clouds without glasses and when I did that's when I saw the was a round object with a few orbs inside it.I've seen these white orbs before in the Mohave desert years ago during a drive in calif at nighr.

I only lost sight of object because it was to dangerous to keep my eyes off road.

Source, 14th March 2018

An ancient alien scultpure found on Mars on July 2017

On July 2017, an ufologist found an ancient alien artifact on Mars. This sculpture looks like Huehueteotl, an aged Mesoamerican deity.

Scott C. Waring explains:

This video made by UFOvni2012 of Youtube has an outstanding discovery on Mars with a great comparison to an ancient artifact here on Earth. The evidence is mounting and the time is coming closer and closer daily to when the governments of the world will announce that aliens are real.

Source, 14th March 2018

Multiple OVNI appeared in sky over Everett

On March 12, 2018, a witness saw multiple UFOs flying in skies over Everett, Washington. What is it about?

Witness report:

Might just be a reflection of my fence lights off my camera or maybe ufos know how to be elusive and blend in. Sea lions stopped making noise.

Source, 13th March 2018

US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet records UFO

In 2015, a Navy Super Hornet recorded an incredible unidentified flying object over East Coast of USA.

Ufologist Scott C. Waring claims:

Here is another great military report that contains some raw footages of a NAVY Super Hornet recording a UFO moving at high speed over the water. It had no wings, no blades and no known method of propulsion. It was diamond shaped, having four sides. Its a welcome sight for me to see raw US military footage. Absolutely 100% evidence that aliens exist and are monitoring everything and anything on this planet. However, I have noticed that UFOs frequent aircraft more than other objects. The tech or the people are more easily accessible to them.

Video states:

GO FAST is the third of three official USG videos selected for release after official review by multiple government organizations. While To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science was the first to obtain a copy, it should be available to any member of the press or public via the Freedom of Information Act. This footage was captured by a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet using the Raytheon ATFLIR Pod that was being operated by a highly trained aerial observer and weapons system operator whom the government has spent millions of dollars to train. Go Fast reveals a Navy encounter that occurred off the East Coast of the United States in 2015 and the object in view remains unidentified. Read further analysis of what is being observed in Go Fast by our team of experts including additional videos and reports on our community of interest: It is the mission of To The Stars Academy to support underfunded areas of research that could lead to a better understanding of scientific anomalies and breakthrough discoveries in technology.

Source, 13th March 2018

UFO like TR-3B seen in night sky over Manchester, Maryland

On March 10, 2018, an inhabitant living in Manchester, Maryland saw a triangular-shaped UFO with three lights at each side. According to witness, it looked like the infamous TR-3B.

Witness report:

This sighting occurred from around 11:57 to 12 Midnight I was sitting inside my house by my deck door. I noticed a light in the corner of my eye coming from outside through the trees. I saw a flying object casting a bright light with smaller blinking lights around it. I thought it was just a plane, but as it approached I knew if it was indeed a plane, it definitely wasn't an ordinary one. As it got closer I was expecting to hear the sound of a regular plane engine and all that, but I wasn't hearing anything. I decided to take a step outside on my deck to get a better view and listen closely. I still couldn't hear much. I didn't notice any noise until it was about 75-90 degrees over my head. It gave off a quiet hum/buzz that sounded like a plane engine, but it was extremely quiet and smooth. It continued flying in a straight line, coming from the NW and continuing SE, and as it was directly over me (a couple hundred feet at the most) I noticed two white lights to either side of it that weren't blinking, one red light on its front, and one white light on its back/bottom, and both the red and white light were alternating blinks. I could see the outline of it, and it was definitely a triangular shape. After researching a little the only thing I found is a TR-3B or a B-2. It's just very unusual timing, and we've never had anything like this fly over before. We've actually seen some larger fighter jets fly over during the day once or twice, but nothing like this. And I'm not too sure of this but having it coming from the NW where I am located just seems different.

Source, 12th March 2018

UFO caught near chemtrails over Killington, Vermont

On October 2, 2017, a witness caught a picture of weird chemtrails let by an airplane. By wachting pictures two days later, he noticed possible UFO.

Eyewitness statement:

I was walking my dog at Kent Pond in Killington, VT. It was a very clear and sunny morning without a single cloud in the sky. I noticed a jet making a chem-trail over my head with 6 or 7 other jets following behind making chem-trails also. I thought it was very odd to be making these trails in the sky on such a beautiful clear day. I took a few photos of the planes making the chem-trails. I saw nothing else in the sky that day. 2 days later when reviewing my photos I noticed the golden egg shaped object. I did not see the object the day I took the photo. I find it very interesting and exciting to have captured this photo.

Source, 12th March 2018

Weird black triangular UFO caught in Utah

On March 10, 2018, a witness claims to have seeing a black triangular-shaped UFO in sky somewhere in Utah, USA.

Witness report:

Picture of the clouds that were moving weirdly then a shape opt out of the clouds.

Source, 11th March 2018

Teardrop-shaped UFO caught over Bangs, Texas

On March 7, 2018, a witness saw a teardrop-shaped UFO looking like a meteor over the city of Bangs, Brown County, Texas. This object descended slightly before to disappear.

Witness statement:

Going to check pasture; looked up and noticed this in the sky; Thought it was a meteorite, however it didn't move and disappeared/de-materialized shortly after observation (45-60 seconds). Have photos.

Source, 11th March 2018

UFO over Lunar module of Apollo Mission

On February 6, 2012, an unidentified flying object was discovered on picture caught during Apollo mission between 1968 and 1970.

Scott C. Waring claims:

I was messing around last night and found this old NASA footage. In it were a few anomalies that did not look like the old film errors. I paused it several times till I could see the object and to my surprise it looked like a three dimensional alien probe. I put the screenshots and video into slow motion and also put the original footage in it. I know this is old stuff but this UFO has never been reported before now and it was recorded between 1968-1970 but its unclear. This is the first time that humans crossed onto the dark side of the moon. I noticed the metallic-like surface of it and it's odd crystal-like shape makes me believe it was made from biomechanics, or a machine that was grown. SCW

Source, 10th March 2018

Blue orb spotted over Prescott, Arizona

On March 6, 2018, a witness was sitting outside in Prescott, Arizona when he saw something strange in the sky. What is it?

Witness statement:

Friend and I were sitting outside. She looked up and made a comment about the white ring around the Sun. When I looked up I saw half rainbow. We both took pics and have the blue object to the right of the sun. It also appears that there is a lighter object down further. The straight line seems curious also.

Source, 10th March 2018

Red UFO travels in the sky over Oceanside, California

On March 8, 2018, a red unknown object is appeared traveling in the sky from the south to the north, over Oceanside, California.

Witness report:

Vista Calif-March 8th 2018....Sitting outside my house, just before sunset,facing South,a red object at about 5,00ft zoomed in from the South and came to a abrupt stop and hovered, i took out my cellphone camera and snapped 3 photos,the object made no sound and hovered for about 10 seconds and shot up at an angle heading North, the object was emitting its own light not sunset reflection,I am retired Military....this object is unidentified.

Source, 09th March 2018

2 grey round UFOs over Mount Laurel, New Jersey

On March 8, 2018, a witness took a weird picture over Mount Laurel, New Jersey. This image shows us two metallic spherical-shaped UFO.

Witness statement:

After I uploaded my pictures, I noticed that one of them had round objects in it, I did not see anything while I was taking the picture...I had enlarged the picture trying to figure out what these could be, this happened between 1:15-1:30:pm. March 8th 2018.

I did notice that these objects in the picture seem to be above the power lines that were down due to a snow storm that we had the day before…

Source, 09 mars 2018

Physical alien close encounter in Nebraska

On March 3, 2003, a witness was driving on a road near Omaha, Nebraska, when he noticed UFO in sky. Suddenly, an alien is appeared beside him! Very weird story, isn't it.

Witness report:

This was probably about my hundredth search for UFOs. Since about 2001, i have gone out driving near my home every once in a while. I have never, before this, encountered anything more than a probably a misidentified ball of light. Needless to say, I succeeded last Saturday night.

I was driving in a remote area of rural Douglas County, somewhere to the north of Elkhorn. When I first noticed the object was a disc of light in the sky off to the west. It disappeared after approximately 5 seconds. Approximately 30 seconds later, my car was engulfed in light. Almost immediately afterward, a large-ish (18-wheeler size?) disc of light similar to incandescent bulb warm light had landed in front of me.

After about a minute, a bright blue ball (then varying shape) of light (entity?) appeared in my car on the passenger’s seat next to me. It was about 6 feet tall and an irregular shape. The being(?) constantly varied in shape, although more or less taking the shape of the seat it was on. However, it never was anything other than a blue light.

About 30 seconds later, my car overheated, stopped, and nearly injured me. As soon as the car began to become insanely hot, the aliens and light disappeared. The temperature, according to the meter in the car, reached 114 degrees. I needed to open the door, which was now possible with the lack of aliens.

I cannot remember 1 hour before the incident. I am not available for contact.

Source, 08th March 2018

Hunter found a possible Bigfoot footprint, Illinois

On November 12, 2015, a hunter found a possible Bigfoot footprint at approximately 3 miles south-east of the Kickapoo State Park, Vermilion County, Illinois. Formely, he saw a real Sasquatch to the naked eye.

Witness statement:

It all began with my father in law. He had an encounter of something huge and making an un familiar noise he said he had never heard before. He is a 70 year old man and great guy. I recall laughing and making fun of him. Then the tables turned, I was in the woods alone hunting in the 2015 hunting season.I was in my stand and had several deer come in but they seemed very skidish. I drew my crossbow down on a nice buck and pulled the trigger. My arrow seemed to find its mark. I allowed about 45 minutes to go by and it began getting dark. As I climbed down out of my stand I began hearing some unusual noises. Kind of like I screaming growling noise. Now I'm soon to be 50 years old myself and as my father in law said to me. These were sounds that I had never heard before in the woods or anywhere else. I called my father in law and told him I had a deer down and asked if he could meet me out in the woods to help me get the deer out. He told me he was in Terre Haute Indiana, and that it would be close to an hour before he could even get home. I was too embarrassed to tell him I too was feeling pretty uneasy. I tried to keep him on the phone but he had to get off the I began tracking the deer I found really good blood. And was sure the deer didn't go far. As I started down a small hill I began hearing these noises again. It was as if I could feel these screaming growling noises in my body. I kept hearing what I thought may have been falling tree branches or something. I looked up on this hill side 30 yards from me and seen a sillhouette of something huge. I quickly headed out of the woods and continued hearing the noises all the way out. I called my father in law and told him about my encounter. He laughed and said you mad fun of me. We returned the next morning to find the blood trail where I left off and we knew the deer had to be close due to the amount of blood. And then it was as if the deer just vanished.. We began working in circles to find nothing. There was a steep cliff to the east of where we found the last blood. We looked down torward the creek to find nothing. But the smell in the woods was as it was the night before. A very strong pungent odor. Kind of a cross of something dead and the urine of many different types of animals. I felt eyes on us the whole time we were out there. We went back several times without success. Then in April I went out to the same location mushroom hunting, I found that the woods was very quiet. I didn't find any mushrooms so I headed out through the North end of the woods to look at deer sign. When it hit me, the smell it was so strong , I began hurrying to get out of the woods as I got to the edge of the woods to an area we call the grassy area and there it was a foot print. A single foot print it was the left foot and was very large . The print was a good one very detailed you could see the toes and everything.I wear a size 13 and this print was way bigger than my foot. This area is about three miles from the Kickapoo state park in Vermilion county Illinois. I have never been frightened in the woods in all my life. I spent my whole life in the woods hunting most of every species in our area. I coon hunted in the dark by myself and never been as frightened as I was with this encounter.

Source, 08th March 2018

Black U-shaped UFO over Coimbra, Portugal

On March 5, 2018, a black U-shaped UFO was seen over Coimbra, in Portugal. This case was published on MUFON website.

The ufologist Scott C. Waring claims:

This U-shaped UFO is beyond rare! Often disks or spheres are seen, but this rare UFO popped up over Portugal this week. Lucky for us, a person was recording the sky and accidentally caught the UFO as it was slowly passing by.

Eyewitness states:

During the video recording for time lapse I noticed that something crossed the sky coming from south to north-it has a U shape. I cut part of the video for submission.

Source, 07th March 2018

Incredible round shaped UFO found over Lake Rock, NY

On March 3, 2018, a person found a strange UFO on Google Street View. This weird spherical-shaped object was flying over Lake Rock, New York.

Witness statement:

I found pictures of this UFO on Google Earth street view. East side of Lake George by the radio tower near Shelvin rock.

Source, 07th March 2018

Bright UFO over Muscat, Oman

On February 20, 2018, a witness was in Muscat, the capital of Oman, when he caught a picture of a bright UFO.

Witness report:

Me and my friends were at oman to do camping and walking. It was our first day and gor the first time we were going to the campsite. I pointed the torch on my fice and my friends said I looked scary and took a picture right after we realised it at the back. We were all really shocked none of us actually saw it but it was in the photo and the lights should have been bright because there were a lot of stars behind us and none of them were there in the photo.

Source, 06th March 2018

Yellow UFO over New York on March 2018

On March 5, 2018, as the sun was going down, a yellow UFO is appeared in the sky over the State of New York.

Witness statement:

I was taking pictures from my livingroom window when a light appeared near the sunset in front of a cloud and rapidly moved southwest and hovered over an airplane it seem to turn around to follow the airplane and within a blink of an eye it disappeared.

Source, 06th March 2018

Cigar-shaped UFO over Lander, Wyoming on July 2017

On July 20, 2017, a cigar-shaped UFO was spotted over Lander, Wyoming, USA. A witness caught a picture. What is it?

Witness report:

I noticed a very interesting looking cloud bank. i was standing on a sidewalk in front of my girlfriends house. I had my iphone 6s plus so i decided to take some photos. I took several photos zoomed in and several normal photos. I took these photos in rapid succession. I put my phone away and went inside. I did not see this object or notice it at the time. I was looking through my photos several weeks later and only then realized there was a cigar shaped UFO in the very last picture of the series. Having photos that were taken one second apart and it appears in only one photo is interesting to say the least. The very best part is when i was taking photos of this cloud bank I was thinking how it looked like a UFO disguised as a cloud. To me it appears as if this craft is docking with a mothership of sorts. I have shown several people and was not sure where to share this until now. Thank you for any interest in this, i would greatly appreciate any feedback or comments.

Source, 05th March 2018

Submerged alien craft spotted at Lake Oswego

On July 10, 1996, a witness saw a weird submerged UFO at Lake Oswego, in the State of New York.

Eyewitness statement:

I went to the “Loop” in Oswego NY to sit and relax. Looking out over the lake, this is by the main rd. The beach is stone and I parked in the area just before the stone beach. This was around 9:30 pm. As I sat there watching the water I noticed 3 glowing orbs near but under the surface of the water. This was about 100′ feet from me. The orbs were in a triangle formation. As I watched one would go out away from the formation,almost to the point of me not being able to see it, then it came back and then another one would do the same thing. This went on for over 1/2 an hour. I thought that no one would believe this, so I went by my ex girlfriends house and said that I wanted her to see something. I didn’t want to tell her what it was as and not influence her in any manner. She agreed and we went back there and the orbs ere still there and still doing the going out and coming back as when I first saw them. We watched the 3 light orbs for about 40 min then left. She wanted me to throw rocks and and I told her that she was crazy. Anyways, I have only told 3 people this and they look at me like I’m nuts so, I keep this to myself. The only reason that I have this contact information is that I saw it on a video that i as watching yesterday. Anyways I guess this an Underwater Unidentified Object. I am willing to take a lie detector test also.

Source, 05th March 2018

Strange bright object in the sky over Spring Hill

On March 4, 2018, a witness saw a unusual glowing light over Spring Hill, Florida. What is it?

Witness report:

While sitting outside watching aircraft flying overhead we observed an obect silver in color moving from NE to SW.

Source, 04th March 2018

Weird apparition crosses over a bed in Texas

Genifer Groff, a woman living in Texas, has caught a weird footage in her room. On these images, we can see a ghost crossing through bed.

Video was published on YouTube on February 26, 2018.

Witness statement:

Gotham [her dog] was watching something go back and forth and growling. We thought she was looking from the far corner behind the TV along the window and then to the wall and back. Instead we see a white , misty looking, what appears to be a left shoulder and arm swing heading towards the tv across our bed with us in it!

Source, 04th March 2018

Massive dark rectangular UFO over Nashville, TN

On October 29, 2011, three witnesses were driving on highway in the area of Nashville, Tennessee. Suddenly, they saw a rectangular box shaped craft descended from clouds.

Eyewtitness statement:

On a road trip from Lousianna and Indiana with two girlfriends in the front seats while I was lying down in the back seat watching the sky pass by, I noticed a massive object of dull, metallic grey descend slowly from the bottom of the cloudcover.

I watched it for maybe 45seconds before asking my two friends if they could see what I was seeing and asked them what it was. They both looked out and one said, "oh wow...thats a UFO"

I then took out my LG flip phone and took the pictures of it as it was then ascending back into the cloudcover.

We did not stop driving so the pictures were taken as we passed it and moved away from where it had appeared. Strangely the pictures dont show that it was a huge rectangular object but instead appear to show it as a circular disk on its side.

The sighting lasted for a few minutes in total although the photos I took only cover a few seconds.

I have no doubt whatsoever that it wasnt a weather balloon, nor any other type of air craft presently known.

I was incredulous that it appeared in broad daylight, but also very excited by it.

Once I had started taking pictures I kept going until it disappeared from view.

Source, 03th March 2018

Large and weird footprint found in Ohio. Is a Bigfoot?

On August 13, 2017, a witness and his wife were walking on a trail near Hocking Hills, Ohio. They discovered a giant and mysterious footprint on the ground. Is this proof of the existence of Bigfoot?

Witness report:

My husband and I were walking a trail at Rockbridge State Nature Preserve. We stepped aside to let some fellow hikers walk through and I happened to notice on the other side of the trail (off the trail) an almost perfectly shaped large footprint. I showed my husband and we were stunned. We took the time to take some pictures and continue on. About 15-20 up the trail was a small tree that was broken in half and bent down. It appeared to be a fresh break and considering it was so close to the footprint we thought it was odd.

In same area, an other man heard large noises.

Source, 03th March 2018

Alien face sculpture found on Mars by NASA

On March 1st, 2018, ufologist Scott C. Waring discovered an alien face sculpture by watching NASA photo.

He claims:

Just one meter from the NASA rover sits a face sculpted crudely and laying upon the ground. Of course there is a NASA link which is proof that it exists. This face is nothing like humans, because it looks more ridged. Will NASA have an announcement about this discovery to the world? Hell no! Will NASA ever admit to finding sculpted evidence of an ancient alien civilisation on Mars? Hell no! So, you got me, and I will lead you to the truth, but it may not be what you want it to be.

NASA photo

Source, 02th March 2018

Real ghost caught on tape by a CCTV in California

On February 6, 2018 at 11:17 AM, a white ghost was videotaped by a CCTV inside a home, located in Muscoy, San Bernardino County, California.

This video was published on YouTube by 'ghost finder'. These images show us a spirit moving quickly.

Witness statement:

I have had a lot of Paranormal Activity. In my home. so I got a surveillance system for indoor and out. This is what I got in the first 3 weeks.. I will be uploading future videos. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Watch video

Source, 02th March 2018

5 weird pillars of light spotted in Missouri

Two years ago, a family was driving home when they saw five mysterious pillars of light in night sky over Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.

Witness report:

February 28, 2015, my husband and three young boys were driving home at approximately 2200-2300. We driving West and I happened to look to NW sky to point the moon out to our kids. I saw these 5 rectangular columns of light just below the cloud deck. They were bright but transparent and immediately reminded me of a beam projected by a spotlight. The differences between these and a spotlight beam were:

1. They seemed to be free standing. A spotlight beam can followed from the ground all the way up until no longer visible or to where it hits the cloud deck. There was absolutely NO connecting beam from the bottom of the columns to the ground.

2. The columns of light do not bounce off the cloud deck.

3. In the full hour these were observed, they did not change in size, shape, or location. They did not appear to move nor did the light appear to pulsate or change in density or brightness.

I was quite awestruck but after driving around to look for a source, and after taking pictures of them, we decided to go home and put the kids to bed. After getting them tucked in, I went outside once more to find them in the same place and unchanged.

I've often wondered what these were. I can find no scientific explanation for them. I posted the pictures on Facebook that same night and a friend commented that someone else they knew had also seen the lights.

Thank you for your time. I hope we can find out what these are!

Source, 01th March 2018

Dark square-shaped UFO over Naples, Florida

On February 28, 2018, a black square-shaped UFO was spotted over Naples, Collier County, Florida.

Witness statement:

Driving North on cr 951 Naples Florida saw the object moving across the sky. Thought maybe it was an ad banner or something but it seemed to change speed and shape. Took pictures while driving then the object disappeared into the clouds.

Source, 01th March 2018

UFO seen over Los Lagos, Chile

On January 16, 2018, an unidentified flying object is appeared over the city of Los Lagos, Chile. What is it?

Witness report:

Here are some of our photos, recently captured on January 16th in the interior of the city of Los Lagos, inside the capital of the Region of Los Ríos, city of Valdivia (southern Chile).

It happened that taking a batch of photos to upload to the network of rural sector Folilco-Las Huellas, I took a photo twice by mistake, but without seeing the alleged object that can be seen on the right side.

This happened at 20:57:19 seconds so I made a second take 4 seconds later.

My idea was to photograph a cloud at the bottom of the valley that crosses the Las Huellas sector, located 24 km from Los Lagos to Riñihue, entering by sector Folilco.

Location south of Folilco km 4,720 m east facing towards the foothills, with the little sun that was behind me. Since I used a XVision table that has only a front camera, I did not see what I was photographing and because of my mistake I did not check the photos then until I was in a little plot that we have around there with my brothers. This was at 2 am and I was so surprised!

Of course, the first thing I did was to review the two photos, because I thought it could be a bird taken at a distance. But no, the two photos confirm the taking of an alleged object and now without further ado, I will show you the photos and the filters that I made with the tablet.

Regrettably I will be around for a long time the fact that if I had noticed then what was there, I would have stopped to take some videos with both the tablet and my cell phone ... I now understand many who have taken digital photos and UFOs that are usually make this reflection ... Because it is something that will weigh me for a long time ...

Source, 28th February 2018

Grey flying saucer caught over buildings in Brazil

On December 2, 2017, a man took a picture of a metallic flying saucer near buildings somewhere in Brazil. What is it?

Witness statement:


My name is Marco Solano and after searching the web for your contact, I am sending this message to verify the possibility of receiving your information and guidance on sending a photo I took in the Center of Porto Alegre now in the month of December.

I took 3 photos from the terrace of a 14 story building where a business event was taking place.

Between my cell phone and the horizon above other buildings there were no windows, as I opened the windows well to take the pictures and send them to my wife who was at home.

At first I had not noticed anything .... Just the City Center ... the high-rise buildings and the very clean sky near noon.

Remember I took 3 photos from different angles. (Directions).

In 1 of them after giving ZOOM by phone, something appeared that the naked eye was not at the time I had taken the photo.

Nor is the place an airplane route.

Next to and above the larger building, after giving ZOOM, an "unidentified" "object" appears.

As if I were exercising "some trajectory" that I am absolutely sure that there is nothing there at the moment, because before taking the photo, I tried to verify a building where I lived when single. So I emphasized that there was no object to the naked eye at that moment.

Pictures in the Annex (1 Original Photo and 1 Photo copy, edited with red arrow).

In the Original Photo, go to Properties and click on Details = It will appear all the technical data of the photo ... Sansung J2 Galaxy Prime G532MT, etc.

Awaiting return.

I remain at your disposal.

Thanks in advance.

Source, 28th February 2018

Giant glowing UFO over Cleveland on February 2018

On February 28, 2018, a bright UFO was videotaped over Cleveland, USA. This alien spacecraft is appeared on a live Internet cam.

Ufologist Scott C. Waring from Taiwan claims:

This UFO was seen on live internet cam for several hours today! A UFO researcher, Orlando Bosca found it and recorded it for us to see. Orlando often catches UFOs in the skies over large cities, and let me tell you, he is often right. Many skeptics call them planes, but no plane hovers in position for hours at a time. Planes have red and white flashing lights, not his catches. This is a glowing UFO seen in the day and into the evening. Amazing catch!!!

Source, 27th February 2018

Black cigar-shaped UFO over Cascais, Portugal

On May 30, 2012, a witness shot a black cigar-shaped UFO over Cascais, Portugal. This weird object was only visible on picture.

Witness statement:

I was taking pictures of this fortress called Forte do Guincho, near Cascais, Lisbon.

I didn't notice the object untill I saw the picture. I took one in the same place less than a minute before and another a minute after and the object does not appear in any of these (before and after).

When I saw it (in the picture) I thought of a cigar shape UFO.

I only can describe it as something clear cigar shape, very high in the sky, grey.

I would like to know what can it be...a plane, an UFO? What do you think about it?

Thank you.

Source, 27th February 2018