Noah's Ark rocked by artificial insemination claim

A Turkish scientist has made a startling revelation about advanced technologies that apparently existed in antediluvian times, including ships made of steel, unmanned aircraft and cellular networks.

During a show on Turkey's TRT TV channel, Dr Yavuz Ornek of Istanbul University's Faculty of Marine Sciences declared that Noah, who famously built an Ark to survive a great civilization-destroying flood, took a cell phone with him on the vessel.

The academic said that Noah actually attempted to call one of his sons, who did not believe in the impending deluge, via the cell phone to try and persuade him to come to the safety of the ship.

According to Ornek, the antediluvian people had access to technologies "more advanced than the ones we use today." For example, he claimed that Noah’s Ark was made of steel, not wood, and used a nuclear power unit for propulsion. Noah also allegedly launched a UAV instead of a dove to determine whether the floodwaters had receded.

"You see, why would you send a pigeon when there are advanced technologies available?" the scientist replied, when the show's host asked him whether there was any scientific evidence supporting Ornek’s claims.

Ornek also claimed that Noah’s son used a flying vehicle for transportation and that instead of animals Noah brought samples of animal sperm and eggs aboard his ark.

Photo : CC BY-SA 2.0 / bertknot / ark of noah


Incredible UFO like orb over Clearwater, Florida

On January 16, 2018, at precisely 2:34 to 2:35 pm, a witness has captured a glowing orb over Clearwater, Florida.

Witness statement:

I was on the large dock on the ocean in Clearwater when I noticed an ultralight in the sky I then took pics with my cellphone and realized after that I captured the green glowing orb. It was ascending upwards away from the ultralight I was photographing.


Incredible bright UFO over Fulton, Mississippi

On July 16, 2016, a strange circular UFO has been photographed during sunset over Fulton, USA.

Witness report:

Friend took this picture of a sunset in Fulton, Mississippi. This was in the picture.

Is it a reflected glare?


Black flying saucer over Charleston on August 2012

On August 12, 2011, a black flying saucer was snapped over Charleston, South Carolina. This possible UFO was not visible to the naked eye.

Witness statement:

We were on the beach, i was taking pictures of my grandson, i didn't see it when taking the picture, until i checked it to see if it came out, that's when i noticed the object beside his head. when i looked up it was gone. it was a weird shape sorta saucer like with ball in the front, it was grayish silver, it was really low . no noise nothing. it wasn't a kite it was too high and no one was flying one, wasn't many on the beach. i kept telling my daughter " ,did you see that? i showed her the picture i took, it made her nervous and myself. we didn't leave because it was gone. i kept looking up the rest of the day but it didn't return. i have 2 pictures, one is a close up, and the other is about a few feet from my grandson, sorry, he spilt cool ade on it lol, its kinda reddish but you can see the object.


UFO appeared in front of Moon over Cornwall, Canada

On June 16, 2016, a witness living in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, was catching pictures of Moon when an unidentified flying object is appeared. This incredible object is clearly visible on photo.

Witness report:

I was out shooting images with my kids on the side of my house, just randomly shooting the moon and clouds. I captured the days images using a Canon SX60HS which has zoom capabilities allowing you to zoom in on the moons craters.

I did not notice the object while shooting, in this particular moment I was using 3 shot burst and just trying to get the circumference of the moon.

It was only when I was going thru the days images, I noticed what seemed to be a mark on my monitor screen. After trying to remove it the old fashioned way by licking my finger and scrubbing it off I realized it was in the image and I blew it up only to notice an object in view of the moon.

The object seems to resemble a hat shape, likely metallic, and what I would call a disc with an elevated dome of sorts. It does not look to have many attachments at all.

I was immediately shocked by what I had captured, However, with my kids there I asked them "what do you think this is?" They all respectively said they thought it was a "UFO" or "Spacecraft".

I am unaware whether it could be military, dimensional, other-worldly... My only certainty is that I have never witnessed anything like it.

Unfortunately, this was a still image, However, there was no object in the two subsequent images, meaning it was either faster than the shutter speed on 3 burst, or it was there and gone, disappearance.. not sure.

I was utterly afraid to report this object, I did not want to be subject to ridicule, I did post it on my fb page and shared it with some friends and family, who have all encouraged me to report the sighting and get my story out there. My children who were reviewing the images with me all witnessed the finding. There were 5 of us in total, the kids aged 8 to 12 and myself.

So with that said here is my sighting, I appreciate any feedback as to what it is I witnessed that day.


Metallic grey UFO shot over Lublin, Poland

On July 7, 2015, a metallic UFO was snapped over Lublin, the ninth largest city in Poland.

The witness didn't see this object to the naked eye. He has published a (very) short description on MUFON website:

The object was recognized on the previously taken photo.


Diamond-shaped UFO passed by ISS on January 2018

On January 2018, a diamond-shaped UFO is passed by the International Space Station. This weird object was videotaped by NASA. What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:

This diamond UFO was flashing as it passed by the international space station this week. Its white, much like the space station and when it lights up, its very visible in the background. The shape is like a diamond and it seems to be watching the space station, orbiting it if you will. This is a fantastic video made by Streetcap1 of Youtube. 100% evidence that aliens do exist.


Alien UFO landing in Los Banos, California

On June 13, 2013, a man and his wife were driving and returning home. In Los Banos, California, they saw an alien unidentified flying object landing on the ground.

Eyewitness statement:

My wife and two sons were returning from a funeral service from San Jose. We were traveling on Hwy 152 approximately 20 minutes east of Los Banos at which time my wife first noticed an object with a blue light appear perpendicular to the highway and approximately a 1/3 mile in front of our car. Seconds later I caught a glimpse of the object and asked my wife: “What is that? It’s moving so fast and it’s so low to the ground.” We watched it for about twenty seconds as it went directly in front of us, and then continued in a straight path and then it suddenly appeared to reverse direction and then these three bright lights appeared (at this time it appeared the object was 1/8 mile out to the right of us) horizontally and the object proceeded to descend/hover at about a 30 degree angle. The object landed and I wanted to stop and investigate, however, my wife said that we need to keep driving. I did not want to argue with her. If I was alone I surely would have stopped the car and walked over there, however, how long would it have taken me to see what was there? Anyway that’s what actually happened.


Bright UFO over Peć, Kosovo

On January 12, 2018, a bright UFO is appeared over Peć, a city located in Kosovo. A witness caught some pictures and one video.

Witness statement:

Firstly i'm passionate about astronomy universe and all those things so I was going out at 12 pm and i looked up and i saw lights coming like from below somewhere but it was far from me , and they just come up like straight and took it the right direction like 7 or 8 of them , and I immediately took the phone and i made pictures and 1 video but it needs to zoom out to see the pictures also i made pictures with red circle to be more easy to notice where they are, how i lost sight, they come up from below and took the right direction just going up and disappeared in clouds also one friend of mine said that he saw in that direction before 5 or six months, so when I saw I was surprised and I wanted to happened something like this and to make a picture and show to the people because most of them say no it was't just it seems to you maybe was something else but it isn't the first time that I saw , I have saw several times also in the mountain it appeared like a light and after 10 sec it disappeared, this description was what i saw.


Staggering alien sphere seen near road in Siberia

On January 2018, a giant alien sphere was videotaped near a road in Siberia, Russia. The following video was caught by an automobiliste while he was driving.

Scott C. Waring claims:

UFO Mania of Youtube reported this UFO video today. This UFO was seen glowing and changing colors along a isolated road in Siberia this week. The object is very tall, about 3-4 floors tall. The person sees it and pulls over along the road, rolling the car window down, while still recording on their phone. Apparently the eyewitnesses got frightened and stopped only for a few seconds, before driving away.

Many UFO reports and video do have glowing and flashing UFOs in them, and spheres are the #1 most common type of UFO seen.


2 UFOs snapped over a parking in Independence, Missouri

On January 9, 2018, a witness was in a parking in Independence, Missouri, while he caught a picture of two UFO

Witness report:

As reported to ASD in person: "I was in the parking lot at Hy-Vee when I took several photos of the sky at sunset because it was unusually beautiful. At the time I did not see any objects in the sky, just the sunset. I did not hear any sounds, either. When I got home I was showing the pictures to my husband when he said "what is that?" and showed me two objects in the sky, one above the other. One object is a disk shape and the other one above it is a square shape with what looks like multiple bright lights. These look like they have structure to them and they don't look like anything else, especially the clouds. I have never believed in UFOs, but after seeing this I have changed my mind."


A Bigfoot observed in Shawnee National Forest in 2015

On November 21, 2015, at 10 PM, a witness living in Shawnee National Forest, Union County, Illinois, has seen a Bigfoot behind his house.

This weird humanoid was 6 1/2 foot tall and was reddish brown in color. He had a muscular build, “similar to a tight end football player”. The witness described the animal's face as being bare, leathery, with a flat wide pug nose and thick lips.

Witness statement:

My pitbull was barking in terror. I went out to check on him and shone my light just on the other side of the fence I put up around the orchard and he was standing there clear as day staring at the dog and me . Twenty yards away. Flat face. Reddish brown fur. Eyes looked orange in the light. He disappeared into the woods. I've seen him many times. I live surrounded by the national forest.

Photo: Scenic View in Shawnee National Forest, bDjngsf Own workCC BY-SA 4.0Link


Transparent orb snapped over Santa Fe, New Mexico

On January 8, 2018, a weird and giant orb was snapped over Santa Fe, New Mexico. This UFO was transparent and perfectly round.

Witness report:

I was taking pictures at dusk in Santa Fe, NM. When I put my pictures on my computer, I observed a round, transparent object amid and behind the clouds. I was facing roughly north/northwest. At first, I suspected lens flare, but the sun was already down. Also, I believe that lens flare would have superimposed itself upon the cloud to the lower left of the object - not the other way around. The object was stationary. I don't know how long it was visible.


Huge oval-shaped UFO snapped by SOHO

On January 10, 2018, a huge oval-shaped UFO was discovered near sun by SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric, Observatory). What the hell is it?

Scott C. Waring claims:

This oval shaped UFO was seen shooting out of our sun this week. The UFO is equal to the size of earth more or less 20%. The UFO is so big that as it shoot from within the sun, it leaves a streaming trail behind it as it drags some of the suns martial with it.

This UFO was found by TheWatcher252 of Youtube. A great discovery from the governments NASA/SOHO satellite.


Two UFOs seen at ISS on live Internet stream

On January 8, 2018, the International Space Station has captured two UFOs. These objects have been seen on live Internet stream…

The ufologist Scott C. Waring claims:

While watching the space station live cam, I notices a blue UFO decloaking not far from the space station. Also below it to the lower right is an egg shaped rotating UFO. Watch the video below and keep an eye out for that second smaller UFO. They seem real interested in the space station.


Boomerang-shaped UFO over Springfield on January 2018

On January 9, 2018, an automobilist was driving on a road in Springfield, Ohio. Suddenly, a boomerang-shaped UFO is appeared in the sky…

Eyewitness statement:

Driving east on I70 in ohio, at aproximately 6:30pm, mile marker 47.5 saw large boomerang shaped plane looking thing, the rest of traffic must have also noticed as everyone was drifting lanes staring at object. at first i thought it mustve been a very large/tall street light, but as I got closer i noticed it was not on a pole and was much farther into the air and was above a dark field no where near any street did not think to take pictures, just kept going, it was hovering over there with the white lights towards the front of the boomerang and as i continued on before getting up to where the thing was, it started slowly moving southbound still facing its white lights dead to the west, it was like it was on ice slowly sliding sideways, did not turn or lean when it moved and made no sound as i approached the section of the highway nearest it, it was still moving southbound, but then white lights still facing west, started moving quickly, at what looked like east/south east without turning the light side in that direction, i looked up and back to see if i could see it and all i saw were small red lights facing the eastern direction as if it was still facing west and was moving around without turning to face its direction of motion. on the front of it you could see small vertical lines of different color than the body of the object, but i couldnt tell it those were outlines of windows or not. nothing else could be seen on that sode other than the shape/lights/lines and on the back/inner side of the boomerang you only saw small dim red lights, nothing comparible in brightness to the bright white front lights. i only noticed the object because i was looking for a sign for a gas station/truck stop that usually tower near exits. i felt like it may have been a plane at first landing directly towards me, but once it slid sideways and stated moving backwards i knew there was no way it was a plane, i lost sight of it as i kept driving and did not stop, i dont know if the object stayed in the area and its movements were pretty slow, i thought it might've even been a helicopter, but then i realized, if it was a helicopter the 3 vertical lights would have tilted/raised and lowered to be able to move around in the air, and this object remained flat and facing west the entire time it was moving. I didnt think to take any pictures, and my dash camera is not installed in my current vehicle as i've just switched vehicles I'll do my best to make a sketch and hopefully one of the other motorists on the road thought to take pictures or video.


Alien UFO over Tehran on October 2015

On October 9, 2015, after dark, a weird alien object was seen over Tehran, the capital of Iran. What is it?

Witness report:

About 23:30 we arrived home and as usual I looked at the sky to just watch constellations that I can recognise, then instantly I saw several flashing starlike dots aligned in an exact line and I knew there is no such constellation. I looked more carefully and I saw a non glowing object at the beginning of the alignment line which looked like a jet or airplane. I counted the flashing dots following the jet-like object and they were 11. flashing most of them with blueish light and one of them flashing red light. their movement along the jet-like object was like a kite; floating together like they have string attached to them. I grabbed my camera and tried to capture them. When you zoom in the jet like object it is actually two triangles forming a lung shape. It looked so much like military UAVs but in an alien way. But the 11 flashing objects are not clear enough to see what they are. In one of the best pictures I could only see that one of them is a rectangular shaped red-green flashing thing.


A triangular-shaped UFO over New Braunfels, Texas

On December 11, 2017, a triangular-shaped UFO with white at each side was snapped over New Braunfels, Texas.

Eyewitness statement:

I've been fooled by flying drones in the past.
Just want to submit this picture to see what you think it is.


Pulsating UFO snapped over Exton on January 2018

On January 2, 2018, a witness was outside to take some photos of the Moon in Exton, eastern Pennsylvania. In the night sky, he saw an unusual pulsating light. What is it?

Witness report:

I went out to view and photograph the super moon visible on the night of January 2, 2018 in Eastern Pennsylvania. I noticed an unusual, rapidly pulsating star to the lower right of the moon, in the south west portion of the sky. This was not a plane or a satellite. It remained very bright and maintained it’s position in the sky for hours. It was in the vicinity of the constellation Canis Minor. I used an amateur Meade telescope to get a better look at here. Through a strong lens, it appeared to be a disk of rapidly rotating lights that flashed as well. These lights constantly changed color. There was a dark void in the center, though at times I noticed some specks of light in the center. I recorded a video, using an iPhone against the eye piece in my telescope. I also took numerous stills from the video as the video shifts due to an unstable tripod. I will attach all of the content below. Hopefully you can offer an explanation? Thank you.


Silver UFOs observed over Los Angeles on January 2018

On January 2018, multiple silver UFOs were seen over Los Angeles, California. These objects have been caught by an automobilist.

The ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

These silver UFOs were seen over Los Angeles this week. UFOs are no strangers to LA, but have been recorded in its skies ever since the famous Battle of LA when several 747 silver UFOs were seen and shot at by anti aircraft guns back in Feb 24, 1942. Seen by hundreds of thousands of eyewitnesses, flying totally unharmed, slowly across the sky.

Eyewitness states:

I had just finished moving my truck to one side of the driveway, when I got out I felt something was above me when I looked up to the sky I saw an object static in the sky.


Possible UFO snapped over the Airport of Cancun

On September 7, 2004, a man was inside the airport of Cancun, Mexico, while he saw a weird object in the sky. He caught a picture of it. Meteore or UFO?

Witness report:

This photo was taken before boarding the flight back home on the above date and only noticed the object in the background sky above the plane when looking at the pictures back home as my focus was on the plane at the time. I'm presuming it's probably a meteorite but always wondered as it does appear to have a solid structure next to the light but this could just be a vapour trail or something?

I did send it somewhere else about 10 years ago but never heard anything back and the recent boom in UFO related events reminded me of this. So will let you have a look and see what you think.




Dark cigar-shaped UFO snapped over San Lorenzo

On January 6, 2018, a black cigar-shaped UFO is appeared over San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. A witness caught a picture. Is it a alien craft or just a bug?

Witness statement:

Cigar shaped objects found after reviewing photo sequences. Location: San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. Time:Sat Jan 06 2018 11:10:29 am and 11:12:13 am Puerto Rico time. A family member told me he saw strange red lights hovering and going away from that hill late night a couple of days ago. So I decided to take photos pointing to that same hill during the day.


Silver alien craft spotted in Iran

On November 15, 2017, a witness saw a strange silver alien craft in Sowme Sara, Iran. What is it?

Witness report:

That night at my grandmother’s house. It was about 3 am. My grandmother’s backyard is very large and behind the house is a large garden with many trees that have no lights. The instant I came out of the house I immediately saw that object. The top of the trees at the bottom of the yard. I think the diameter was a bus size. It was silver and slightly shiny with white and blue lights. I did not feel scared and curiously went to the middle of the yard, but when I got closer, it moved back. When I was moving, I felt a sense of a warning to my mind. I was afraid and persistent. I looked at it for about a minute, so long, I felt like he was looking at me. Then I went back a few steps and then went back and then suddenly disappeared quickly to the top.

Ufologist of MUFON Ken Pfeifer is investigating this case.


Mind blowing UFO caught near Sun

On December 24, 2017, a giant UFO with weird shape is appeared near the Sun. An ufologist noticed the object and published these mind blowing images on YouTube.

Scott C. Waring claims:

This is a NASA video of Earths sun. This video captured a giant spacecraft near our sun that is massive in size. The size can be compared to Earth itself if the spacecraft is near the sun.

This UFO actually shot into our sun, and back out the other side. You can see a giant explosion that is comparable to 25 earths on the opposite side of the sun, the same direction the UFO came from. It passed through the sun for some unknown reason and came out the other side totally unharmed. That is technology. Excellent find by Paranormal Crucible of Youtube.