Two UFO snapped over Temecula, California

On November 9, 2017, a witness has caught pictures of a new building at the casino in Temecula, California with his mobile phone, a Samsung 8. When he looked, he noticed two UFOs.

Witness report:

It shows on the pictures that really all I can say other than I took pics again yesterday dec 5th and there was 1 ship a little hire than the first sighting and there's alot of activedid in this area. this might make you laugh but I did get freak out because same night headed to Pala casino and stop to take some pictures of the hill side in the canyon on pala road . ( because i took pics in day a few weeks before that and seen images of unexplained and are not from here). I was in car rolled down window took one picture with flash on and then things start hitting my car I took of fast as doing that i took pictures as driving and i felt them chasing me. The pictures what looks like A Raul there's more to story but I would rather not say to public. call me if you want more info. all show you the pics then.