Stationary UFO caught over Bingen on October 2017

On October 5, 2017, a witness claimed he saw a silently and stationary UFO flying over Bingen, Washington State, USA. After a few times, it banked 180 degrees to the East and disappeared over the mountains.

Witness report:

Around 10:00am on October 5th while completing an air quality assessment of a facility located adjacent to the Columbia River in Bingen Washington, I spotted an unusual looking craft in the sky. It was white in color and appeared to be stationary. Within a few seconds of noticing the object it took off heading in an Westerly direction. There was no sound and no emissions coming from the craft. It appeared to be roughly the size of a ups truck. It did not appear to have conventional wings. It was cylindrical in shape exhibiting a couple of darker areas or shadows. There was structure above the back of the object on both sides that appeared to be hexagon shaped. Within a few seconds the object changed its direction flying in a sharp radius and began heading East. It crested over the mountain and disappeared. I got the feeling it was trying to get away from view.