Multiple UFO snapped over a military camp in Afghanistan

On February 7, 2010, multiple UFOs has been caught in night over Camp Leatherneck, located in the city of Marjah, Afghanistan.

Witness statement:

Here is one of the 6 photos that I took one night (on or about 7 Feb, 2010) while at our office in the MLG compound on Camp Leatherneck Afg. I know that ALL of my friends on FB that were with us saw the same thing. They were up there long enough that people were leaving. They were up there for a long time without moving. They went away for a while and then came back. They didn’t move or blink or make any noise. They looked like they were really high up but there was nothing to base that on. Pretty cool event. Now that I have seen it on TV it is super cool that we were able to witness it. 1. I was in my office in teh MLG Compound on Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. 2. One of the Marines in the Company came into the office to tell us about the lights. 3. At first we thought maybe flares or weather balloons but they didn’t change alt. or fade out or fall. 4. As my attachments show there were 7 equally spaced lights in the sky that did not appear to move or change. 5. Very interested to see the lights, so many people saw them and didn’t even stop to look at them. There was a lot going on during the day but nothing to distract us during the sighting. 6. I hate to say it but after maybe 45 minutes we just went back inside to work. I have 4 more pics they are sharper but since I was moving they make the light appear as if they were moving. The two I attached are pretty clear.