Metallic flying saucer snapped in Slovakia on August 2017

On August 30, 2017, a father and his son were on a trip on mountains in Slovakia where they have caught a picture of a metallic flying saucer. Etheir of the two saw this UFO to the naked eye.

The ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

This photo of a UFO shooting past the camera shows a classic disk design and speed unequaled to anything known today. Here is a rare UFO report from Slovakia in the mountain regions. The UFO seems to have been buzzing past the car to take a look and got caught on camera. I can see a hair on the window, which is focused. Yet, the UFO is blurred which means this is a flying object outside the window in the distance. Extraordinary catch.

News states:

BRATISLAVA - Miroslav chose one day out on a trip with his son. They had a spot in Banská Štiavnica. When they crossed the Kľakovská valley, they enjoyed magnificent views and the beauty of nature embraced as seen in the photo. When they looked at the pictures at home, they did not believe in their own eyes. The mystery of father and son managed to capture this year was magnificent. "It was beautiful weather, we went to Banska Stiavnica, the photo was created for the rides between the villages of Pila and Veľká Hámre towards Žarnovice," Miroslav from Nový Mest nad Váhom described his experience. He was in the car with his son. They did not know what they were able to capture during the shooting. When they looked at the photograph, a strange object resembling a flying saucer in the right corner.