Impressive UFO cross the sky over Rigby, Idaho

On July 9, 2017, after visiting farm animals, a witness has caught a video where we can see a long black UFO cross the sky very quickly...

Witness statement:


Well my story is pretty simple but very interesting. One day we went to see our farm animals. They are in a different location than our home. I decided to film this event. Anyways, the time I was filming, I didn't see or notice anything weird. It wasn't until a week or so later when I replayed the movie and discovered an object going incredibly fast. I thought it might be a glair or some sort of issue with my phone camera. My phone was basically 100% new at the time, so I realized that wasn't an issue.

The object was moving so fast, I barely even noticed it in the movie playback. My eye seemed to catch it. It lasted for a brief second and vanished. I managed to stop the video and make a GIF image of it in slow motion, and a still picture. When I zoom in on it, I can see what appears to be antennas. This object was going far too fast to be man made, but slow enough to be caught on camera.

When I seen this object, I mainly was surprised that I caught a UFO on camera.

I do have the original video clip, to better see what I can see, I have provided a still image as well as a GIF