Doughnut-shaped UFO seen over Chilliwack, Canada

On September 16, 2017, a doughnut-shaped UFO has been seen near a house over Chilliwack, Canada.

Witness report:

I was on my way home with my father from 711 and it was just after 5am. Just as we got back i noticed a bright light in the sky. I frequently look at the night sky in our area so I know this object was never there before as I've lived in this house for the last 3 years. My dad thought it was the moon and he went inside. But it wasn't the moon. It was a doughnut shaped ufo which was circular in shape. Think of a circle in a circle. It did glow as bright as the moon though a bright white. All it did was hover in the same area for about 40 minutes and it made no noise whatsoever. I was just fine while watching the craft and felt comfortable and wasn't scared. I even took a picture of it that I've compared to others on the internet and it's the same craft. After observing the craft for 40minutes it completely disappeared and went invisible. This is all.