Yellow UFO snapped over Commerce, California

On September 26, 2017, a bright yellow UFO is appeared in the blue sky over the city of Commerce, Los Angeles County, California. A witness took pictures…

Eyewitness statement:

I was outside of my job sitting on a chair observingthe beautiful blue empty sky a little bit after 4pm, and all of a sudden this bright glowing object appeared more than a mile above ground. I observed it for about 5 minutes so i ran to my car to get my Nikon camera and came back to my chair and i zoomed into the gold glowing object, i took a few pictures and the object changed different formations. It would also appear then disappear many times. This gold object was not flying from to different direction, it stayed floating in the same location. It did not land, it simply floated in the same place. It was not a party balloon or a nasa satelite. This thing was definitely an unknown floating object. No helicopters or commercial airplanes were near this object. This (ufo) almost looked like a sports trophy at one point, then its edges had spike-like figures coming out of itself. This thing was NOT man-made. About 30 minutes went by and this ufo object simply vanished. It did not fly away from one place to another but it simply disappeared out of sight and never came back, this was my very first ufo witness experience. I took a few pictures, these pictures are not enhanced or customized (i dont even know how to do any of that stuff, i barely know how to make social media memes) All my pictures are original. Hope they help you solve something.