White flying object snapped over Jarreau, Louisiana

On December 24, 2014 at 17:05, a bright flying saucer was photographed over the city of Jarreau, Louisiana, USA.

Witness statement:

My husband and i were driving home and i was amazed at a very unusual sunset. i asked my husband to pull over in a vacant field so that i could snap a few images of the clouds over alma plantation, a local sugar mill. the mill was in full production at the time. the next day i opened the images and noticed a white “speck” and thought the image was marred. when i expanded the image to find out exactly what the white speck looked like i was a little stunned to see this “object” i was leery of showing this to anyone except for my husband in fear i would be thought of as a nut. this was almost three years ago and i now just want to know what others believe it to be. any comments will be very appreciated.