Three red bright UFO over Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

On November 29, 2017, a woman living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was coming back from work when she saw three bright UFO flying in the night sky. She took pictures of these incredible objects.

Witness report:

My wife came home from work and said she thinks she just saw 3 ufos and that I should come out front because they still might be there. It was about 6:30pm and dark outside. The sky was clear with no clouds. You could see the moon and the stars all brightly visible. She said she saw 3 orb-like ufos flying in a formation above and behind our block of houses. She said they were flying in a v formation and got her phone out to take a picture. When she looked up again to take a picture there were now only 2. She took several pictures of these objects. I went outside with her and had my phone ready to take pictures. I saw now only 1 ufo and it was a yellowish/orange circle or orb shape and was flying in a straight line parallel to my street going from right to left(north to South). It was hard to estimate it’s size or distance and it was silent. It seemed to be a couple hundred feet above the ground and I lost site of it as it travelled out of my path of vision and behind the neighbor’s house. I was able to take 3 photos of it. My first photo had the flash on and it was to the right of my house’s gabled roof. I quickly turned the flash off and took another photo of it and now it is seen to the left of my roofline. My 3rd photo I pressed the 2x zoom on my iPhone 8 and took a closer shot of it as it was passing by my house. You can see the eave of the roof in the bottom right corner of photo. The 2nd photo of mine almost looks like 2 orbs are joining into one orb. The live burst photo option was enabled on both of our iPhones so that in addition to the 6 photos we took, each photo has 3 seconds of playable video showing the ufos’ movement and flight trajectory. I have included 2 photos and videos with this report. I would be happy to discuss further with someone the additional photos and video footage as well. I hope your photo and video experts can figure out what we saw. My wife suggested maybe they were those Asian candle lanterns that people light. I have never seen any lanterns in sky anywhere before nor have I ever seen any lights in the sky like the ones we saw. I googled the Asian candle lanterns to see what they looked like and compared those images to ours. The lanterns did not look the way these ufos did. The ufos seemed to have an aura around them. These ufos were flying parallel to the ground and horizontally in what looked like a straight line and at a constant altitude and speed. I assume if they were lanterns they would have been ascending, which these ufos did not. You can clearly see on the video that they are flying sideways and not upward.