New alien face caught on Mars by Spirit Rover

On November 10, 2017, the talented ufologist Scott C. Waring claims to have find an alien face by looking photos took by Spirit rover (Sol 1381) on Mars.

He explains:

It took me 10 seconds...probably a few less from the time I turned to the URL, enlarged the photo and found the face. 10 whole seconds! Now, with billions of US dollars, why the hell can't NASA do the same? I am just one person, working alone in his free time, but NASA is suppose to be doing this stuff daily for the public, and yet...the public hears nothing from NASA.

Here in the photo below, we see a face. What can we assume from this face? Easy, that this was molded or carved by an intelligent being that either was related to this species, or was familiar with it.

What does NASA do when they come across such monumental history changing, Nobel Prize winning information? They almost run it over of course. There is a scientific rule of ethics more than morals that scientists are suppose to abide by. That is, do no harm on other planets. Clearly, they are ignoring this rule, which means, NASA has no ethics.