Huge circular-shaped UFO over Belmont, Australia

On November 5, 2017, a man and his wife have spotted an huge UFO flying over their home in Belmont, Australia.

Eyewitness statement:

My husband was in the bathroom when I walked in. I glanced up through the high window and noticed what I thought was a blurry star, then another and another. As I leaned forward I noticed the lights were shaped in an arc. I said to my husband that it was odd. This is when he looked up too. He too remarked it was odd so I got my phone and took a couple of pictures. I thought they weren't very clear so went outside and took more. The lights were stationary and there was no sound. I felt no different as I initially thought they maybe have been from the football stadium but the positioning for this was off as well as the stadium only has 4 light towers and the lights point downward. We have seen the stadium lit up on hundreds of occasions and in many different weather conditions and it never had this effect on the clouds before. We then thought it may be the Christmas lights from the large Christmas tree that sits in the bay but again the positioning was off. I then thought it may have been some other event in the area that may have had lights on. There were no beams of light pointing upward but I still asked friends in our area through our facebook page and no one seemed to know any venue that had lights on or an event that would use them. I checked local news online but nothing came up. I am not sure how long the lights were there for but can only say how long we saw them for. We stood outside for approximately 15 minutes when the lights suddenly went out.