Blue UFO that changing shaped over Hessel, Michigan

On November 7, 2017, very early in the morning, an inhabitant spotted a blue UFO that changing shapes over Hessel, Michigan.

Witness report:

Woke up and was looking out the window at 3 am on November 7th. I saw something flashing in the sky and it was a object above the tre line up by the stars it seemed. There was a trail of about 7 lines in a triangle shape. Whites, green and red For out of bed and took about 50 pictures of this. It seemed to change shapes It moved very slow I watched it for about 30-3( minutes and took pictures of it. Went back to bed , it was still there. I live in the woods with no city lights around or any major airports.

This thing just flashed and seemed to change shapes as the pictures show. I have many more photos then I could attach on here too.