A witness abducted by a large alien UFO

On December 8, 2016, an inhabitant of Laurel, Mississippi, was abducted by a large alien craft. According to him, it's not the first time that UFO attacked him…

Eyewitness statement:

I awoke standing in back yard. Large craft was nearly directly above my head. It moved off slowly. It made pulsating noise. I felt sick like dizzy, nausea as it began to move off. I blacked out. I woke up inside my house. Sightings are not a big deal to me. I have seen the crafts a few times. It’s the abductions that I have concerns about. All of my life these things have happened to me but nobody ever believes me. They treat me as if I’m crazy. No, I’m not a cop, preacher, or politician but that doesn’t make my case any less real.

Since I was a child these things have been happening to me. My mom and dad would come into my room as I sat up in my bed crying without having any clue as to why. Bad dreams, they would ask. No, it was not bad dreams. I would awaken with the craziest feeling in my head. The main thing I remember is the intense pulsating and the paralysation. I am grown now so the fear has diminished quite a bit and has been replaced with curiosity. What do they want? Why will they not let me meet them? I mean sure, I can see it being scary as ever to wake up looking at an alien of some sort but I want to know what they want. I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye once about two years ago and there it stood but vanished in an instance. I remember wrinkled features on its face and it was about 4 and a half to five feet tall. Not green but actually pale skinned. Not giant bug eyes but just larger eyes. I have even sent a portion of my journal to MUFON, but even they ignore me. I wish I could be hypnotized as so many others have been because I guarantee you that they will know the truth of the matter at that point. Honestly this sighting is from a year ago and I have not been bothered for quite a while. But it only makes me more anxious, waiting for the next time it happens.