Giant alien cube found near Sun by SOHO

By looking for images taken by camera EIT 171 of SOHO on September 28, 2017, ufologist Scott C. Waring found a weird giand cube-shaped UFO.

He explains:

I saw that the cube had returned in NASA sun photos today. In one it was there at 01:00, but in another it was gone at 01:13 just 13 minutes later, which should be impossible for anything to move that fast, unless it has partial light speed. As you see from the above screenshot, there is an interior of the dark cube. We see parts of its wall, which are evenly placed and each different shaped within. The cube also has a light or energy field around it to protect it, which you can also see in the above screenshot. The UFO is about 2-3X the size of Earth. Impossible by human standards, but for an alien species that evolved 2-13 billion years ago...its nothing, its as easy as saying a command to have AI robots to create it for you.