Comet like UFO seen somewhere in North Dakota

On July 13, 2017, a person living in an unknown city in North Dakota a comet like UFO flying over his home.

Witness report:

I was right outside in our backyard and we saw a flying object for about 5-8 seconds. I had seen a ufo beforehand on a friends snapchat story of it flying back and forth in a u pattern seemingly for it to take off. I tried sending it to him so I could save it somehow but when I tried to it said this snapchat has expired literally within a few minutes of it being posted. I got to see it flying and it had circular red lights on the bottom. I also screenshotted it because I was sure air traffick control would have sighted the intense speeds making the NSA delete the content from my friends phone literally within minutes. I observed the screenshot closer and not only was it circular but it also had a triangular shape around it. I asked my friends if they were on any mind altering substances because the brain has an electrical current that can likely be noticed by extraterrestrials (they had "just smoked weed" which made sense to me because it makes the brain stimulated to be much more active etc.) This also reminds me of my ex girlfriend because she was on LSD when she saw a ufo and although coorelation is not causation the close encounters of the fifth kind or spiritual contact could likely be influenced by mind altering substances due that it affects the spiritual area of the brain. Much love and I wasn't sure if I should post this because of the sensitivity of this subject although I might aswell because I have interesting information I would say so myself. (I felt like the craft had multiple shapes for it's interstellar nature) I am glad Dr. Greer had educated me on some of these issues beforehand :) also "agree to hold MUFON harmless for any injury or harm resulting or arising from any use by MUFON of said media." That's why I wasn't sure if I should considering how the secrets are hidden in plain sight and so secrets are not secrets when people know them but that's also why I used a fake name which is fair enough.