Some ghosts seen in Wakehurst Parkway, Australia

Wakehurst Parkway is the most haunted road in Australia. A lot of people told to have living strange experiences. The car of one of the them has began to malfunction. An other saw the ghost of a young girl.

Leanne (surname withheld)

I recall about seven years ago driving back from Manly on the Parkway about 11pm and suddenly my automatic transmission started playing up in my five-year-old SUV. The lights were flashing on and off and it wouldn’t change down a gear. I was so sure I was going to break down. I kept willing my car to keep going. Thank goodness it did. I never forgot the experience — it was very unnerving.

Peita Rose

It’s true. I’ve seen a young girl on the side of the road trying to get someone to stop. I went to turn around and she was gone.

Photo : A shot on Wakehurst Parkway while it was closed during wet weather