Dark oval-shaped UFO taken in New Jersey

On September 13, 2017, a man was driving to work on a road between Bayonne and Jersey City (in the State of New Jersey) when he saw a black flying saucer pass over him. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

At 8:20 AM on September 13 I was traveling (to work) eastbound on the Newark bay extension bridge. When I reached the bottom of the bridge (right adjacent to Marist high school) I noticed an object that looked like an ink colored oval/disk shaped object fly across my path from south to north. I originally thought it was a balloon due to the fact it had that type of movement, it may have been tumbling slowly while it remained in a continuous flight path. It was very hard to tell how big it was and how high it was.
I grabbed my phone stuck my arm out the window and snapped 2 holy Mary's shots.
That being said, as soon as I saw it, despite the fact I said to myself it looked like it moved like s balloon, this object looked very very strange to me and I've never seen anything like it before. I've lived across the bay from Newark air port my whole childhood so I know so the sky in that area,and its filled with planes and I know what they look like as well as helicopters. I'll admit I am kind of a UFO enthusiast (if that includes watching UFO shows in TV) but I'm not inclined to be fanciful.
So, though it moved in a balloon like way the shape color and location of this object was very unusual and doesn't make any sense,
I took 2 pictures, the second 2 are ones I blew up with my phones zoom.