2 black UFO over Mebane, North Carolina

On August 21, 2017, a man took a picture of two black UFO over the city of Mebane, in North Carolina, USA.

Witness statement:

I have a picture that I sent back in August after the solar eclipse and a gentleman by the name of David Glidewell answered me via email. It took him a month to get back to me and made his decision that he thought that the two objects in the picture that I sent were birds. He sent me two other pictures to compare my picture and one picture I have to agree that the first picture may have been a bird but the second picture he sent me did not look like birds and this could not compare to the picture that I sent him and I had to totally disagree with him. I told him there were no birds in the sky that day when I put my camera phone up to the sun for brief couple of shots of the eclipse. There was a passenger jet going by up in the upper right corner of my picture. I did not see my pictures till later that evening when I took a good look and I saw two dots in my picture above the sun. When I zoomed in on those two objects I could not believe what I was seeing. I know those are not birds and I have shown other people this picture and they also agreed that they are not birds. These objects were way too far up in the sky when that picture was taken and I really would like another opinion from someone else. I personally have been studying UFO’s on my own for the past 20 years and I have had one other in counter which I did report to you guys back in 2003 and you made it clear that what I saw was probably a UFO because it was a black triangle. But back to this picture if you could please have someone else look at this again. There is no way that these could be birds. Thank you for your time.