Metallic UFO caught in daylight over Dayton, NV

On September 26, 2017, an automobilist photographed a weird metallic UFO in Dayton, Nevada. The witness didn't see by eye!

Witness report:

Pulled over to snap pictures on iphone of Horses next to casino eating grass. This is a common occurrence in Dayton, NV.

Several pictures were taken in succession, with only one having this object appear in it. No sound was heard, car windows were down. Estimate object was 500 to 1000 feet away, low around 300 - 500 feet altitude by comparing area with picture.

Have also spotted several other UAPs in the weeks before by sight, but had no camera available.


2 black UFO over Mebane, North Carolina

On August 21, 2017, a man took a picture of two black UFO over the city of Mebane, in North Carolina, USA.

Witness statement:

I have a picture that I sent back in August after the solar eclipse and a gentleman by the name of David Glidewell answered me via email. It took him a month to get back to me and made his decision that he thought that the two objects in the picture that I sent were birds. He sent me two other pictures to compare my picture and one picture I have to agree that the first picture may have been a bird but the second picture he sent me did not look like birds and this could not compare to the picture that I sent him and I had to totally disagree with him. I told him there were no birds in the sky that day when I put my camera phone up to the sun for brief couple of shots of the eclipse. There was a passenger jet going by up in the upper right corner of my picture. I did not see my pictures till later that evening when I took a good look and I saw two dots in my picture above the sun. When I zoomed in on those two objects I could not believe what I was seeing. I know those are not birds and I have shown other people this picture and they also agreed that they are not birds. These objects were way too far up in the sky when that picture was taken and I really would like another opinion from someone else. I personally have been studying UFO’s on my own for the past 20 years and I have had one other in counter which I did report to you guys back in 2003 and you made it clear that what I saw was probably a UFO because it was a black triangle. But back to this picture if you could please have someone else look at this again. There is no way that these could be birds. Thank you for your time.


A chemtrail and UFO seen over Salisbury Mills, NY

On September 26, 2017, a witness noticed strange chemtrails over Salisbury Mills, in the State of New York. After that, he saw UFO flying just below…

Witness report:

I had noticed there was alot of “chemtrail” activity this day. While looking up at a plane possibly spraying, noticed something shine or sparkle above chemtrail. Waited to see a second and third time to be sure, then decided to document event with cellphone camera. After event ended, looked at pictures and when zoomed in, could see two additional round objects near first seen shiny object. It was obvious this event took place at high altitude. The plane was flying north to south and object was moving west to east at what seemed to be a slow speed, though i dont know its altitude or size.


UFO falling from sky in Pennsylvania

On September 26, 2017, a witness saw a weird UFO falling from the sky over Lower Moreland, Pennsylvania. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

I was taking my break from work then notice that something is falling from a cloud cover. I thought it was an airplane but 3 of my workmates also noticed the object being strange.
The object just burst out from one cloud and the it fell with cloud or smoke from behind it.
All of us who saw the object believes that this is not an ordinary airplane. The object just stopped emitting smoke or clouds and just vanished.


Giant colored UFO seen over Hallandale, Florida

On September 25, 2017, a witness saw a dark over sized UFO over Hallandale, in Florida, USA. It was silent and colored.

Witness report:

I was sitting on my balcony taking to my roommate, she was smoking sigaret .. It was around 11:15 pm .. the sky was dark and you could spot few clouds nw .. I saw bright clouds and the first thing that came to my mine , I was thinking that my roommate sigaret smoke did that vision , then I realized that smoke from sigaret can not be that bright and so up in the sky , so I relocated my self closer to the Mosquito net so I could look up to the sky and when I did , I was completely in shock, I am still in shock... There was this huge ship , I saw oly the bottom of it , it reminded me of the skat fish with out the tail , enormous size , no noise of any kind , dark grey ,lighter then our dark sky' and lots of different colors and sizes lights ( red , yellow orange,white ) it was slowly floating above my building. I live on the 7th floor my building has it 12 th floor and this ship was very low to the building , it was lower the clouds ,the minut I realized what I saw , me and my roommate run down to the other side of the building to the stair case where my roommate saw it flying towards ocean , I was looking in opposite direction and lost the site of the ship . I will try to discribe my feeling when I saw the ship , I froze , my heart was beating so fast , goose bumps all over my body the most scariest was running to the other side of the building stair case , just the thought that they could abduct , but we did it anyway . My life changed from this night forever . I did the drowning of the ship as well and I did one similar on google L2 but mine had more rounded ends from the sides . I know exactly what I saw and I had like good 3 seconds to observe the ship . Ps. The ship was going true the clouds but kinda lower then clouds. After it pass trough me and my roommate realize that the clouds not round no more but have lots of lines parallel to my balcony and the ship was going directly above my balcony to the south.


Long bright UFO caught over Detroit, Oregon

On August 20, 2017, a witness caught a picture of a huge string of light over Detroit, Oregon, USA. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was in the mountains above Detroit Lake, Oregon, taking pictures of the night sky from around 10:45 pm to 11:15 pm. After the fact, I found a light anomaly on two of my pictures, taken 10 - 15 seconds apart. Without a clear reference I cannot estimate the distance from me, but the anomaly appears to be at least hundreds of yards across. From the first picture to the second it moved to the West and slightly lower in elevation, and the far left section changed shape. The light color is yellow-white with brighter sections spaced regularly along it's length.


Floating UFO noticed over Dover, England

On September 24, 2017, a resident of Dover, in the county of Kent, UK, noticed a weird ball floating in the sky…

Witness report:

Took photo of proposed afternoon walk from my garden. Then when up there got my daughter to take a pic of us from her I phone. It didn't come out you couldn't see us. I scoffed and said my pic you could definitely see walkers if you zoomed in. That's when I noticed the ufo in the picture.


Alien face found by Spirit Rover on September 2017

On September 17, 2017, Scott C. Waring, a UFO hunter based in Taiwan, found a possible alien face carved in the rocks. The photo was caught in Mars (Sol 141) by the rover Spirit.

He explains:

I found an interesting alien face carved into the top of this rock. It has an open mouth, cat-like ears, and large eye sockets, but a small almost hard to recognise nose. I also don't know if you noticed it, but there is a white triangle in the shadow on the lower right of the rock. It must have some meaning. This is 100% evidence that aliens once existed on Mars.

The US and world governments can hide the fact that aliens exist all they want, but they can't hide it from me. I have proven over 1,000X that aliens exist. This is just one straw on the hay pile of evidence that I present to you on this site.


Bright UFO over Nottingham on August 2017

On August 30, 2017, a woman living in Nottingham, England, has caught a picture of a glowing flying saucer. Her mother sent this story to MUFON website.

Witness report:

My daughter, who lives in Nottingham, UK was looking at the evening sky late August this year 2017, she just took the photo and didn't notice the object at the time. Later when looking at it she noticed the object to the right of the photo. It is in the sky in the early evening. I don't think it is a reflection of any lamp inside of the bedroom on the window pane. It is a large metalic looking ring emmitting a lot of light from the top. It is quite bright.


Incredible UFO caught over Toronto, on July 2012

On July 31, 2012, a witness was walking down the streets in Toronto, Canada. Without knowing it, he took a picture of an incredible UFO

Witness statement:

I was walking down the street and decided to take a couple of pictures.
I wasn't paying attention, to what I was shooting.
When I got home I found the included photo.


Two egg-shaped UFO over Napa, California

On September 14, 2017, at 11:30PM, two egg-shaped UFOs are travelling in formation at hypersonic speed at east of Napa, California. The sighting lasted 5 seconds.

Witness report:

Saw a white, egg-shaped object shoot across the sky like a meteor, but there was no tail or vapor trail of any kind. No sonic boom either. It was travelling east of Napa on a south to north trajectory. About 2 seconds behind it another identical craft going the same speed on the same trajectory flew past. Essentially I believe I witnessed a formation of aircraft flying at hypersonic speed and their flight path would carry them pretty close to Travis AFB.

Photo: A view of the city at the Napa River waterfront, bOleg Alexandrov Own workCC BY-SA 4.0Link


Alien spacecraft caught over Carlsbad, California

On August 24, 2017, a man and his wife living in Carlsbad, California, saw UFOs flying in the sky. They caught pictures.

Eyewitness statement:

We were out in our back yard, BBQ and my wife saw the object. I was on telephone, and immediately got off. I told my wife to take as many pictures as possible . It was standing still, and all of the lights were on , they were white, red and green lights. When I first observed it I thought this must be a UFO, as I had never seen anything like this before. It was standing still in the sky, then suddenly it shot off across sky, and stopped dead still again. Then it just took off and disappeared. The hair on my back stood up, as this must have been something I would never witness again in my lifetime. I felt I had seen my first UFO.


4 unidentified objects seen over Denver, Colorado

On September 11, 2017, a person saw 4 weird balls of light failing in sky over Denver, Colorado. These UFOs disappear and coming back. What is it?

Witness report:

On September the 9th 2017 I was on my way to my friends house in a taxi cab about 7:30-8 at night. While driving I look up to see a ball of light bobbling around above me right below the clouds. This lasted about 3 seconds before it disappeared, well it went out like an old lantern would when you would snuff the flame. I told the driver, you're going to think I'm nuts but I just saw something super weird in the sky. Two nights later on September 11th 2017, I'm in my house and it's about 8 pm when someone started loudly banging on my door. This scared me as I am a female, was home alone and was not expecting anyone. I went into a back bedroom while I listened to whoever it was or whatever they were doing. As I'm sitting in the room I see out my window to the North 3-4 lights bright round lights sort of falling downwards. As I'm seeing this they started to move into a horizontal line while some were disappearing and then would reappear. I ran to my deck which is directly out side of the same window with my phone to video and get pictures and at this time I notice a plane flying over them as well. I had no idea as to what worldly these could be because of their actions, how they flew, how they looked. I did not feel afraid during this but more excited and wowed by them. They would dance around each other almost like doing figure eights and then line into a perpendicular line. Still while some would disappear and come back in a different area then they last were. Also some would go into each other and become one. So they would fly up and down side to side but all while slowly "falling" downward, till they reached to about the tree line and then one by one they disappeared for good. They were in the sky for about 5 minutes totall. While I'm watching all this and taking pictures, I notice a bright green stationary light out to the North West which seemed as if it was watching all this. I took a picture of this as well but I was more focused on the several lights straight out to the north. Now once they had gone this green light seemed to zip to the left, stop then zoom right over my head till gone too. Almost seconds after this sighting a large all black helicopter flew into the same area flying in circles almost and went directly over my head till they finally left too. The helicopter was only there for about 30 seconds. A couple things I want to mention; I got some good pictures but spent a lot of the time capturing video, when I went back to watch the videos they were all just a white screen that would say unable to play video when I'd try to play it. It is a possibility that it was because I was close to being out of storage space on my phone. Also during the sighting, while on my deck I jumped afraid because I swore I heard someone step behind me and I saw a shadow move as if there was a person coming up behind me. When I looked there wasn't anything there. Maybe it was nothing or just my nerves I'm not sure. After that though I felt very unnerved by it.


Spherical-shaped UFO caught over Seminole, Florida

On September 21, 2017, a witness took pictures of a circle/disc shiny orb like object in the sky over Seminole, Florida. Multiple persons saw this UFO for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Witness statement:

Location: Seminole Florida
Time: ~7:30pm

I was talking to the neighbor that is living north of us. he was working his car replacing his breaks. we were chatting for a while. he finished putting his breaks on the car and was lowering the jack, when the vehicle hit the ground I leaned over the hood of the vehicle and was kind of trying to wrap up our conversation when there was this weird moment where we both watched a regular airplane fly over. the airplane made a noise which got my attention.

that is when I saw the object.

I said to the neighbor, you see that in the sky and I pointed. he was like yes. I then made a joke like is that planet x as I did not think he knew what I was talking about. at this point the object seemed like a circle like but a little no so perfect circle. it was really shinny and seemed to be reflecting the sun as the sun was setting.

I was like what is that. he said it might be a weather balloon.

I didnt think so, and remembered exactly where my camera was as I just got back from a trip. I ran back to the house and got the camera. when I got back outside I couldnt see it so I just started to take pictures of where I thought I saw it.

tried to take pictures of in relation to the ground. the object was north but as for as the degrees I am not sure. if one was really interested they can look at the pictures and get an exact I guess.

by the time I got the camera the object was not as bright and not as big. I could hardly see it and then i picked it up. I had a hard time zooming in on the object but got a few good pictures.

the event only lasted a few minutes, I would say something like 3-10 minutes not sure. I do know that after we could no longer see it I asked the neighbor what time it was. he pulled up his phone and it was 7.33pm. if I were to guess we noticed it ~7.25pm

we kept talking. I know he is a little religious so I did not press on him to much. a few minutes later two helicopters came in from the south. I was telling him that I have heard stories about helicopters after ufo sightings but thought those were military and it was clear that first helicopter that came up form the south was small and not really a military helicopter that would hold any type of weight. the neighbor said they are looking for someone. of which it seemed like they were but it looked like they were looking for something on the ground not the air.

the helicopter passed us and was heading somewhat north where we saw the object and then turned west towards the gulf of mexico where a second helicopter met up. the second helicopter had a light on it and by this time it was starting to get dark both of the helicopters then started to travel north in a strange none linear path. we live near the pinellas trail and I do not think the helicopters were searching or flying that trail as it is kind of straight. I would say that the helicopters were in between the trail and coast moving north in a non linear path.

I personally could not tell if the helicopters were related to the object in the sky. it did not seem like it but it did seem like they were looking for something. the timing was strange. the airplane that we saw earlier was a typical airplane like a 747 commercial plane that held tourists which is common in our skys here.

when everything die down, I checked the camera. the pictures that I zoomed in of which I attached convinced me that what I saw was either a weather balloon or something else. I am more leaning towards the something else.

later I started to zoom in on the pictures I took where I originally did not see the object and eventually found them.

I have attached all of the pictures that I have taken in this event. I saved the originals of which are the numbered pictures.jpg and also made copies of the original where I marked with photoshop an arrow of where you can zoom in and see the object if one wants.

I personally do not think this object is from our planet but can not rule out the fact that it could look like a weather balloon under some conditions type of conditions but I do not think so.

I KNOW I SAW SOMETHING but what it is I do not.
It was way to early to be a star in the sky in my opinion and the object only got darker and ended up going behind clouds I think. I know in the beginning it was very bright and shinny.I wish I had a picture of it the first time I saw it.

I have filed a report with this website before on a object I saw but the investigator told me that it was most likely sirius as it was in that direction at the time I saw it back then. I had video of that even back then.

what I saw today I do not know but it was not sirius and I took pictures to prove it.
I do not know if it is man made or not but I saw something and I am not afraid to say that.

I am college educated. I was not drunk or am i seeking any fame. Just a guy that saw something. I know there has been other much more exciting experiences and close encounters that are a better story then mine but today I saw something in the sky north of me and I was not the only one.

lastly on the pictures I uploaded that have the file name [###marked with arrow.jpg] were done in a very old version of photoshop. I did this on copies of the original file of which I am also uploading. the original files are not altered and NO I did not photoshop this object into pictures, I have better things to do with my life then that these days, hell it has already taken me an hour to write this report and upload everything.

please review the pictures and you decide what it is for yourself.

Chris Termeer

PS... I also have a few more pictures if you want just email me where I can send them. the system only lets me upload 10 pictures. I have 14 pictures in total


Another UFO seen during Eclipse on August 21, 2017

On August 21, 2017, during Eclipse, an inhabitant of Hampshire, Tennessee, saw a strange glowing UFO in the sky…

Witness report:

There were five of us, my three siblings, myself, and a friend. We were at our home in the back country of Middle Tennessee for the eclipse. We decided not to wear glasses because we had recently become aware of the possibility of spotting a UFO during the Eclipse.
We decided to head out on to a hill far behind our house to get a better view of the sun. We had been on the hill for a little over ten minutes when there appeared above us a shining/ glowing light, about 700 feet above us. I was able to take some pictures before we got the heck off that hill and ran home. The object didnt move for he duration of the encounter, and upon further inspection of the photos we saw that it was angled toward the eclipse.
this was my first encounter.


Dark oval-shaped UFO taken in New Jersey

On September 13, 2017, a man was driving to work on a road between Bayonne and Jersey City (in the State of New Jersey) when he saw a black flying saucer pass over him. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

At 8:20 AM on September 13 I was traveling (to work) eastbound on the Newark bay extension bridge. When I reached the bottom of the bridge (right adjacent to Marist high school) I noticed an object that looked like an ink colored oval/disk shaped object fly across my path from south to north. I originally thought it was a balloon due to the fact it had that type of movement, it may have been tumbling slowly while it remained in a continuous flight path. It was very hard to tell how big it was and how high it was.
I grabbed my phone stuck my arm out the window and snapped 2 holy Mary's shots.
That being said, as soon as I saw it, despite the fact I said to myself it looked like it moved like s balloon, this object looked very very strange to me and I've never seen anything like it before. I've lived across the bay from Newark air port my whole childhood so I know so the sky in that area,and its filled with planes and I know what they look like as well as helicopters. I'll admit I am kind of a UFO enthusiast (if that includes watching UFO shows in TV) but I'm not inclined to be fanciful.
So, though it moved in a balloon like way the shape color and location of this object was very unusual and doesn't make any sense,
I took 2 pictures, the second 2 are ones I blew up with my phones zoom.


A man abducted by aliens in Pearland, Texas

A man living in Pearland, Texas, saw some strange black spherical-shaped UFOs. He also believes he was abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

Witness report:

I'm turning to you so that maybe someone else has had a similar experience and can help me, because I feel like I'm going crazy. I live in Pearland Texas, a suburb of Houston.

A few days ago, early morning of the 12th of September, I awoke with with strange visual (what I at first thought were hallucinations or that I'd been possibly drugged. The ceiling appeared to have swirling colors of pink and a greenish blue.

I looked to my right and saw something in my bathroom. It was small, I thought maybe a squirrel or raccoon had gotten in the house. I closed the door to trap it, but upon a closer inspection, nothing was there.

I heard what I thought were voices and strange noises coming from my neighbors' yard. From my window, it looked like my neighbors were building a very large tall bench swing, there was a red color coming from this area.

I thought that the neighbors were maybe playing with lights of some sort and that this may have been the reason for the strange colors in my bedroom. This all happened around midnight. I wanted to find out what was possibly happening next door so I went downstairs.

As I was reaching the stairs I noticed an unrecognizable symbol on the wall that seemed to be made of blue light. When I touched it, it felt warm. This light also cast a blue reflection on the white enamel paint of the bannister.

I realized that this could not have been a reflection from next door because of the lack of windows in my staircase. When I got outside, it was quiet. I asked "hello" and didn't get an immediate response.

The air felt staticy and it felt as though if I touched anything that I'd receive a shock. When I peered through the fence I saw ten black spheres; Four on top, three below, then two and one, like an inverted triangle.

It rose slightly, then the top left sphere broke away from the others and came towards me. At first I panicked and could not move. As I looked into this sphere, it had an iridescence to it that made me feel calm when I looked at it.

I do not remember going back to my room, I just remember being there. I noticed the clock said 1:45am. I also noticed some dried crusty blood around my right nostril. The room still had those two strange colors moving all around the surfaces of the walls and ceiling.

Not understanding what was happening, I jumped into bed and buried my face in the pillows. I woke the next morning with the distinct feeling that this was real and not a dream. There were still bits of dried blood in my nostril and for a few days after, the area just to the side of my nostril still hurt.

Deep under the skin like when a pimple is coming up. Then it went away. I know this happened to me, everything inside me says it was real.

I have no way of explaining it and I have no real way of filing it away in my mind like you would with a normal experience.

If any of your readers have had anything like this happen to them, would you please let me know because this experience has made me feel so alone.

Thank you much,

Michael D.

Photo: Pearland Town Center, bGrguy2011 Own workCC BY-SA 3.0Link


Rotating UFO spotted over Newton Abbot, Devon

On September 17, 2017, a witness has spotted an unidentified object flying at high altitude over Newton Abbot, Devon, England. This UFO was rotating and moving.

Eyewitness statement:

I was sky watching looking through my binoculars facing east when I spotted an object that was very high up in the sky.

My binoculars are high magnification and without looking through them I would have never seen this incredible object. I watched the object move across the sky and it appeared to be rotating as it moved.

It was really hard to determine the shape of the object at first, but as I watched I could see that part of the object was pointed while the other part was more rounded.

I would have to describe this object as being a rounded triangle... it was very odd and as I continued to watch the object it then began releasing some yellow smoke.

The smoke appeared to be coming out of the rounded part of the object. The smoke did not trail, but instead seemed to stick to the object as it moved. I quickly took some photographs and watched as the object disappeared off into the distance where I lost sight of it.

I managed to capture the object in three photographs. The photographs were taken on the 17th of September 2017, 10:11 AM Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best



UFO photographed over Vallejo on February 2017

On February 2017, a woman named Debbie took a picture of an unidentified flying object over Vallejo, Solano County, California. What the hell is it?

Witness report:

I was taking some pictures of these really dark, mean-looking storm clouds one day in about the middle of Feburary this year 2017. I live in Vallejo, California and at the time I took this particular photo I was living in an RV park across from the Veterens Building and Vallejo had lots of stormy weather in Feburary.

Anyway I was watching TV and the power went out. It wasn’t raining yet, but I got up and was looking out my window and saw that it looked like it was getting ready to pour any minute but the clouds were dark and scary looking and I thought it looked pretty neat so I took a few pictures on my cell phone of the clouds from inside my RV looking out.

I took a few pictures and then didn’t look at them until about a month ago when I was deleting stuff from my phone when I noticed the picture with this object in it!

I didn’t see it when I was taking the picture! I took a few pictures of the clouds at different angle. You can tell the clouds are the same clouds that this picture is part of!

Tripped me out! I saw a UFO... I can,t give you the exact date, but it was the middle of February this year just before I moved across town. I watch the sky all the time now! Was taken around noon time!

Debbie C.


Black cigar-shaped UFO over Newton Abbot, England

On September 15, 2017, a man living in Newton Abbot, Devon, has caught a photo of a black cigar-shaped UFO flying in blue sky. The witness sent his story to Ken Pfeifer, an ufologist.

Witness statement:

I was sky watching looking for anything out of the ordinary when I started to look around the edge of some far off clouds through my Nikon P900 camera viewfinder. The camera was zoomed in about half way and that’s when I spotted it. There was an object that was hovering just above one of the clouds. The object was stationary so I quickly took a photograph and watched as the object remained in that position for about a minute before it finally began to move. The object flew off at incredible rate of speed heading towards some thick cloud cover where by I lost sight of it. The photograph was taken on 15th of September 2017 ‎15th of ‎September ‎2017, 11:10 AM at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.


UFO spotted over Saint Sauveur

On September 16, 2017, an automobilist was driving home when he saw to the naked eye a UFO flying over the city of St Saveur, Quebec, Canada.

Witness report:

Was driving home after night shift.near lake n ski hills, object large hoovering. Stopped car n took photo. Then i drove away. Object was there when i left. Felt peaceful but very aware
I couldnt believe what i was seeing. No doubt it was that.


Unidentified fireball caught over Oshawa, Canada

On July 30, 2017, two friends were riding their motorcycles in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, when they saw 4 fireballs like UFO.

Witness statement:

July 30/17 9:30 pm
Myself w a friend were riding West towards Oshawa when we seen 4 fireball objects flying around in one area about 2000ft
We pulled over to get pics which I don't leave home without my camera ( which Mufon recommended a Nikon P 900 )after my first sighting June 24 # 84617 after all the weird anomalies I been witnessing since that day and almost daily still today.
No need to reach me as I already dealt with Mufon Dave P. Off the record he told me not to bother reporting this as it's just one big open file .I felt this needs to be seen other then just one person so I'm reporting anyways.
I will report the others soon.


Giant alien skull found on Mars

On September 14, 2017, ufologist Scott C. Waring found a giant alien skull by analyzing snapped on Mars (Sol 1344).

He explains:

This giant alien skull was just screaming out with its mouth wide open waiting to be found. It is huge, about 2X the size of a bowling ball. Its easy to make out the eye sockets, nose socket and open mouth, but did you notice the horn-like appendage on the top of one side of its head? It may have two horns, the other hidden on the other side.

Also something that I find links this back to the RetiredAFB astronaut William Rutledge (yeah, I talked to him a decade ago on Youtube) who was on the Apollo 20 covert mission. He took film footage of a alien they found on the moon in an old ship. She was comatose and attached to the ship, so they cut her loose and took her back to the the video which I will include below, she has a third eye. As does this alien skull I found today.

There is also a medieval-like shield not far from the head, perhaps the shied the alien was holding before his head was cut off.