Black M-shaped UFO over Maple Ridge, Canada

On August 12, 2017, seven people were having a barbecue in Maple Ridge (British Columbia, Canada). Suddenly, a black M-shaped UFO is appeared in the blue sky…

Witness report:

We where having a neighborhood BBQ, sitting an the balcony socializing ( 7 people in total) when Colin noticed a strange looking light in the sky. We all where talking about it because it never moved. It just hovered. We also noticed 5 very faint orb type light that moved around the larger object very rapidly. In the blink of they eye they changed directions. We eventually got some binoculars and got a better view. Colin got his camera with a 300 ml zoom and started taking pictures. Clouds started to move in but we where able witness a completely different object that approached this group. Through the camera lens the new object appeared triangular like a stealth bomber. On approach the orbs got more active but the strange larger object never moved. The clouds eventually thickened and the view of the objects was lost. In total it was roughly an hour long incident.