The ghost of a little girl seen in the 1970s on a road

In the late 1970s, an automobilist, now deceased, has seen the ghost of a little girl standing by the side of the road in Australia.

Susanne Hanke, a friend of the witness, tells:

After reading your story of the haunted Wakehurst Parkway, I was brought back to the same story that happened to a good friend of mine (now deceased) in the late 1970s. She explained there was a young girl dressed in white standing on the side of the road near Oxford Falls. She picked her up and gave her a lift to the other end. A long conversation was held but, by the time the car had got to Narrabeen, she was gone. She only had vision of her in the rear-view mirror while under way but then she disappeared. I got shivers down my spine when I read this. I believe it to be a true story as it has happened to so many others.”