Spherical grey UFO caught over Whitefish, MT

On July 2017, an automobilist was travelling on a road in the area of Whitefish, Montana. After he stopped, he caught a photo of blurry UFO without seeing it. What is it?

Witness report:

July 13, 1:31 PM we were stopped with other vehicles just after Roger's Pass in Glacier National Park (~6000 Ft elevation). I took a picture and when I looked in the picture there was an object in the sky.

I thought maybe something was on the camera lens but I did take a pic at 130 and 132 - one before and one minute after and there was nothing on either of those pics. The picture time and date stamps are on the pics (IPhone 6).

I DID NOT see the object when I was taking the pic, only after I looked at the pic when we left.

The object looks a bit blurry in the pic, so not sure if it was travelling too fast to see with the naked eye but was captured with the camera. I'm not sure how fast the IPhone 6S camera shoots.

Maybe it's bug that flew in front of the cam????? not sure.

I attached the photo and if requested can forward the photos prior to and after the one with the object.