Multiple orbs caught in Cottonwood, AZ

On April 22, 2017, a photograph has caught pictures of multiple transparent orbs in a monument in Cottonwook, Arizona. What is it?

Witness report:

April 22nd, 2017 at 1:21 pm, taking pictures with a high-quality digital camera and lens at Tuzigoot National Monument in Cottonwood, AZ. Pictures were taken less than 1 minute apart, as shown in time and date stamp revealed that in first picture scene was normal, in 2nd picture many transparent-looking, orb-shaped lights are revealed in picture. Pictures taken minutes before and after of members in our tour party were normal like the the first picture of the doorway scene. None of us saw the lights, orbs or anything else unusual until reviewing the pictures on the digital camera a few minutes later.

The questionnaire here is for objects, so some answers really don't apply. Still needed to submit answers in order to submit the online report. For instance, question about 'prominent colors' want an exterior or interior description - but this does not apply to the phenomenon that appeared in the digital photo results. Color appears to be white or translucent.