Black flying saucer over Shoshoni, Wyoming

On July 1st, 2017, a black unidentified flying object has been photographed over Shoshoni, Wyoming. Is it a bird or an alien spacecraft?

Witness report:

I was on my way home from Las Vegas when I had to use the restroom at Boysen Reservoir outside Shoshone Wyoming. After returning to my vehicle I realized that I had locked my keys in the truck. I called my wife to bring me the extra set of keys. I was less than 90 miles from my house. It would take her around 90 minutes to get to me. I snapped a couple of photos of the lake and sent them to my son. It was around 3pm. My wife arrived and was home around 7pm. I downloaded the pictures from my phone into the computer about 15 days later. When I looked at then on the screen something caught my attention on the right side of the picture a little over halfway up. I enlarged it and was not sure what I was looking at. I asked my wife to come look at it at normal size. She said "I see a lake and a UFO".I enlarged it and we both studied it and can not explain what we were looking at.I am retired USAF and after 20 years of service I can't remember seeing anything that looked like it. At the time I took the picture I did not see or hear anything. I would greatly appreciate any information that you could give regarding what this is. I am at home almost everyday. Thank you in advance!!