A giant ghost seen into Deep Creek Reserve

Many years ago, several friends were having a picnic into Deep Creek Reserve (located between the Wakehurst Parkway and Narrabeen Lagoon), in Australia. While they had settled, a huge ghost is suddenly appeared…

Vicki Woodward tells her story:

I was 18 years old and my fiance and I had decided to have a picnic with friends. As we drove into Deep Creek Reserve I remember feeling a little uneasy but my fiance had told me not to be ridiculous. We decided on a green patch of grass and started to unpack. It took only a few minutes to realise something was not right. We heard a noise, like a soft rustle and somehow we realised we were not alone. It was pitch-black and it seemed to have happened all of a sudden. I turned around, looked into the bush and there was like a single small bright light that kept flashing at us, then a line of flames about 3m long, which started burning along the ground out of nowhere. We froze and started screaming — it was like something evil was about to happen I just cannot describe it. We picked up as much as we could and ran. I am now 62 and haven’t forgotten. I have never driven down the Wakehurst Parkway at that time again and I never will.