A Bigfoot seen on August 1997 in Pennsylvania

During summer 1997, two people were hiking in Nisbet, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Suddenly, they saw something looking like the famous Bigfoot

Eyewitness statement:

A companion and I were out hiking through an old area of creek commonly referred to as the "beaver dam". We were just coming around a bend in the creek when we saw something move behind a fallen pine tree.

We then proceeded to try to get a better view as to what we thought was a deer or bear. As we approached the thing that we thought was a deer it became very clear to us it wasn't.

It seemed to be kneeling down near the base of the fallen tree.

It must have heard our approach because it stood up and turned towards the thick brush up the mountain 20 yards ahead of us and ran in an amount of only 10 or so steps into the brush.

The only time we got a good look at the creature was when it turned around to run. It had a sort of manlike head but with a full brown haired body like a gorilla.

The air had a foul rotten-like musty smell to it.

It must have been at least 7 feet tall with long arms.

We were about 30 yards away from the fallen tree.

It ran into the thick mountain laurel.

Photo: Susquehanna Township Park in Nisbet, bUser:Dincher - Photographed it myself, CC BY-SA 3.0Link