Flying saucer caught over Queenstown, NZ?

On December 26, 2015, a solid dark UFO has been photographed over Queenstown, New-Zealand. Witness has not viewed this object to the naked eye…

Witness statement:

We were spending the day boating in Queenstown on Boxing Day. There were about ten of us there - family and friends. We had just dropped someone we knew at the airport so I took a succession of photos of their Qantas plane taking off to send to them to show them what a beautiful view it was from below. When I looked back over the photos a few seconds later one of them had the image of something in the photo. The photos on either side of the image had nothing in the shot. Whatever it was, it is moving faster than the plane as it was blurred. No-one had seen anything flying around the area - we had all been watching the plane take off and waving our friend off.
We were all quite surprised, a bit skeptical but all very confused as to what else the image could be, other than of a UFO as there was nothing visible flying in the sky around the plane that had taken off. I'd love for someone to try and enhance the image to try and get a clearer picture of what we saw. Maybe it was an insect or a bird, but my feeling was that we saw was something moving so fast it wasn't viewable with the naked eye.