Two weird orbs caught over Alta, Utah

On March 2016, during a storm, a man and his wife have caught a picture of two weird orbs in the sky over in Alta, Utah. What is it?

Witness statement:

March 3 2016 went to hike at Alta ski resort with wife. Knew that a incoming storm was coming. After returning to our car in the parking area. Sky was covered in storm clouds high winds and snow started. A break appeared in clouds with the sun appearing in the edge. I saw a staionary brilliant blue image (blur) in the middle of the storm cloud deck. Brought this to my partners attention. Took out my cell phone (galaxy s6) to capture it thinking it was a sundog reflection on clouds. Shot the picture through the sunroof enlarged it and saw the blur was two orbs with similar lighter apendages. Steped out of the car to look to see if it was due to the polerized sunroof,it was not. It was still visible to the naked eye. The objects seem to have caused a shadow image in the sky some distance between itself and the canera. The orbs remained visible for about 45 minutes till the gap in the clouds covered it completely. I am a avid skywatcher amature astronomer. I have seen many sky phenomenon of sun/sky and clouds. This was different from any I have observed in the past. The storm front was moving from west to east with wind gust to 50 mph a ground level these objects seemed unaffected by the storm and were staionary even thogh the wind was likely much greater at the altitude it was observed at. I showed the image's to my son on our return home. He urged me to send them to mufon then and has kept after till he sat me down to send them to you now.