Rectangular UFO over Teign Estuary, UK

On May 22, 2017, a witness has seen a weird rectangular UFO with contrails over Teign Estuary, in the county of Devon, England.

Witness statement:

I was at the Teign Estuary taking photographs of passing planes when I spotted what at first I thought was a passenger plane. I started to zoom in with my Nikon P900 only to be shocked by what I saw. It was no passenger plane it appeared to be two white rectangular sections that were somehow connected and from the middle section there were two protruding transparent square flaps. There was one flap on the top and one flap on the bottom of the conjoined rectangles. There were also two separate contrails that where left by this strange object. This is totally bizarre what kind of aircraft would have this kind of configuration? I would say I have never seen anything like it before but that would be a lie. I photograph the same bizarre object over the Teign Estuary back on the ‎10th of ‎April 2017 at 2:46 PM. This object is very unconventional what on earth could it be. The photograph was taken on the 24 ‎May ‎2017, 5:15 PM at Teign Estuary Devon England.