Bright orb caught over Lafayette, Indiana

On May 27, 2017, a witness has spotted a bright orange orb stationary over the city of Lafayette, Indiana. After a while, UFO has moved across sky, climbed very fast and vanished.

Witness report:

I was driving Indiana at 10:20pm on county rd 100 in tippecanoe county on 5/27/2017.
I saw a reddish orange light in the northwest sky. I thought that is the closest
That I have ever sceen a planet to earth. I thought that can't be Mars. I jumped
out of my truck at that time it started moving south across the sky. I took my phone
out and got some pictures. It continued to move very fast in a southwest direction
and climbing very fast then vanished. I got some pictures. It is an red orange cylander
With a ring in the center. There is no way an earthly man made aviation object could
move like this. I was kind of in shock and rushed home to tell my family about it
and show them the photos. I then went over to my neighbors and told him about it and showed him the pictures. He is the one that told me about the MUFON website.