Black flying saucer caught in Rapid Bay, Australia

On January 13, 2017, several persons were going camping somewhere in Australia. On the road, in Rapid Bay, one of them has taken a picture of a black flying saucer. What is it?

Witness claims:

It was stormy wild weather in the morning, we were skeptical to go camping in it but went ahead and drove our friends caravan south to Rapid Bay, arriving there around lunch time and the sun had come out. Was warm beautiful weather driving down the hill, our friend following us lingered back to take some snaps of my partner and I towing the caravan, entering rapid bay.
I remember looking all around down to the beach because I hadn't been there for ages, and don't remember noticing anything in the sky, nor does my partner. We would have noticed as it was a clear sky, we noticed drones being flown around once we were in the caravan park.
The UFO in the photo looks nothing like a drone and I believe is too big in relation to the landscape.
It has a shine where the sun light is hitting it on the right, and when zoomed in upon appears to have white dots around it like a aura. Its definitely in the sky, beyond the hill over the ocean, appears to be moving fast but can't tell which way. I didn't notice this photo until a couple months later but feel its not something I can explain and its 100% real. I didn't take the photo, will not disclose this persons details.