A gigantic UFO found on Moon on May 2017

On May 8, 2017, the ufologist Scott C. Waring has found a 60 meter UFO on Moon in NASA photos. Wonderful discovery!

The UFO hunter explains us:

I found this 60 Meter by 40 meter UFO looks like some old troop shuttle transport thats been abandoned long ago due to being out dated or damaged. These structures look bio-mechanical, or grown which really makes sense, since growing a structure or ship is much easier and less work than making one yourself. I say they are grown, because the sides are not perfectly symmetrical, but instead slightly different but similar at the same time. There is white bar on the photo to tell us what 100 meters looks like (NASA put it there) so I moved the bar near the UFO for you to see the size comparison. There is also a large disk UFO with a dome over its middle and many small structures nearby. This was clearly an old settlement by some aliens that may have needed a quick way station between planets or even a mining facility.