3 vertical UFO seen over a park in Kristiansand, Norway

On May 5, 2017, a witness was in a park in Kristiansand (a municipality in Norway) when he saw three vertical cigar-shaped UFO in the sky…

Witness statement:

While exercising in this Frisbee park, I looked over the tree tops here and saw at a long distance this 3 cylindrical vertical/standing UFOs. They were in a formation like triangle and moved forward into the horizon. Although I had my iPhone, I was static and did not take a picture. I guess I saw them moving for 30 seconds and they disappeared in the back of the trees top. I run to see if I could find them, but too late. The day was the clearest ever and I am sure these were UFOs. I took a picture of the tree top area. Also located the type of UFO in the web and placed a white circle to represent the circle I saw around the 3 UFOs. They moved together, and by the distance could me massive in size.