UFO over Houston, Texas, on April 5, 2017

On April 5, 2017, an automobilist was driving in the north-western of Houston, in Texas. On the road, he has noticed a weird UFO in the sky. He has had enough time to take a photo.

Witness statement:

I was driving home from work in stop and go traffic headed north, and noticed the object towards the right side of my viewing range. The object was moving to the west. There were airplanes flying towards Bush airport (northeastern direction), and we're smaller than the object, which was under the airplanes flight path. It seemed to move in a spinning or rotating motion, with a hazy, glowing appearance. It eventually moved to the left side of my viewing range, in a 3 minute span. I had to veer to the right, as the road turned, and I lost site of it.