Flying saucer over Newton Abbot, on September 2016

On September 13, 2016, a witness has spotted a metallic UFO over Newton Abbot, Devon, England. According to him, this flying saucer emerged from some clouds before disappearing.

Witness statement:

I was sky watching when I spotted a flying saucer that had just emerged from some clouds. The flying saucer was just hanging there in the sky. It was like the aliens in the flying saucer wanted me to take a photograph. I quickly took a photograph with my Sony HX300 camera and managed to take one photograph before the UFO went back into the clouds away from sight. The flying saucer was far off in the distance and was only visible through the camera viewfinder. The photograph was taken on the 13th of September ‎2016 at Newton Abbot Devon England.

Scott C. Waring, ufologist, concludes:

UFOs often use clouds as cover to hide inside. This one was caught leaving that cover. As you can see, it is a metallic disk and is very far away. Excellent catch by the eyewitness. Its a classic UFO.