Flying saucer caught over Tamarindo, Costa Rica

On April 11, 2017, a vacationer has caught a mysterious flying saucer in the area of Tamarindo, a town of the Santa Cruz canton, in Costa Rica. What is it?

Witness statement:

We were having a pleasure trip in a Piper Cherokee around the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Near the city of Tamarindo, we took pictures of the vegetation and the area. We didn't notice the object until we landed back in San Jose, capital of Costa Rica, when started going over the pictures of a very exciting trip.

Thus, we never saw any action, heard any sound or notice turbulence or rocking of our plane. This was a rental plane.

The object is very interesting for its precise shape and rings around it. No other picture from that day has that same shape in it to say it is a reflection or a filtering from dents in the windshield or light rays that could be interfering in the picture or a malfunction of the iPhone used to take the pictures.

Please, let me know your interpretation of what you are seeing.

Thank you