Big triangular-shaped UFO seen over a car in California

On December 23, 2012, two brothers were driving on a road in California when they have seen a big black triangular-shaped UFO flying over their car…

Witness statement:

The time was around 7:30 to 8:00pm ON 12-23-2012 My Brother and I seen a Big Black Triangle when we were heading home from Sacramento CA to Yuba City CA and we just starting to go over the old Feather River bridge in Nicolaus, California and it was kind of foggy around there that night when we seen it. My brother at first thought it was a light tower for planes and then we could tell what it was. It was coming out of the fog and went over the car when we were about in the middle of the bridge. It's direction was NE going SW. It looked as big as a city block. It was kind of a gunmetal black/gray color and had two big white lights Flashing Sequentially and had 3 white and red lights on each corner of it. It didn't make a sound or mess with the radio and it was about maybe 200 or 300 feet above the car it was really slow flying.It looked like it was from the future. My brother slowed down and was honking the horn yelling at it and after we passed under it we were about off the bridge and we could see a car coming our way then it passed us and it just keep going And then to my right over the levee we seen something that kind of looked like the shape of an acorn and on it's back side it had a big looking box engine looking thing on the back of it with a red glowing light in it's box engine and it was following the Big Black Triangle and then following that I seen something that looked like a Big jet airplane kind of with it's wings carved forward and it was putting out a big fog trail behind it. They all looked big and like they were slow flying. And then we just keep driving north and they just keep going south west. When we got home we felt shaky and a little sick. I kind of thought it had something to do with 2012. I made some pic's of what they kind of looked like.