A ghost cat haunts a house…

A woman known as 'AdelaisV' has told that the last house where she has lived was haunted by a ghost cat… The following testimony has been published on Reddit.

Witness report:

Our last house had a ghost cat in it. We have two (live) cats, a black one who is old and can't jump on anything higher than the couch, and a crazy white cat.
I'd often be working around the house and 'see' our black cat at my feet, reach down to pet him and he wasn't there. After a quick search I'd find him in an entirely different part of the house having a snooze. For the longest time, I just assumed it was my eyes playing tricks on me.
Then one time I was at the kitchen sink, doing dishes, and in my peripheral vision, I see our black cat jump up onto the counter beside me. I even heard the muffled thump when he landed on the counter top and felt a bump on my arm as he headbutted me. He hadn't been able to jump that high in a couple years so of course I turned to fully look at him and...nothing. No cat, empty counter.

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